2 Blogging Fears to Overcome

2 Blogging Fears to Overcome 2
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I will be moving soon. I am doing some light work to help expedite the move. Earlier today I did a little touch up in one bedroom. Turns out the paint was a bit darker on the touch up. Now it looks okay but not so great. So tomorrow when the handyman arrives, I’ll ask him to touch up the paint properly so the pain job will look really good. 

I took two important steps today. First off I did not fear failing in terms of messing up the touch up. But then I did not fear asking a professional to do the job right, or, to pay a professional to do the job right. Those are two key blogging fears to overcome. Overcome the fear of failure. Overcome the fear of paying a professional to do the job that you could not do, so it’s done the right way. Ego needs to be removed from both fears in order to dissolve the energies.

 I had been removing stickers from the wall in that bedroom for quite a few days. Most peeled off easily. A few did not easily peel off because each stuck to the wall for over four years. On slowly peeling the stickers, all paint came off with the sticker. I saw wood. That did not look good. So I grabbed a paint can and began stroking away. Even though the paint looked like a good match, it was darker. 

At first I felt bad about screwing up. Dark paint looks better than a wood door. This is for sure. But I felt disappointed but I didn’t get the job done properly. Thank goodness I overcame the fear of failing because at least I gave it a shot. I also gained clarity. When the home improvement guy stops by tomorrow to do work I will simply ask him to touch up a few things in the bedroom. He can simply paint over my mistakes. No big deal. He will get paid for the job. We will ensure the job will be done the right way. This is a great analogy for any blogger out there. Never fear failure. Never fear paying a professional to do your failed job the right way.

 Imagine if you wanted to design your blog. Perhaps you have some design skills. But you fear screwing up your blog. Either pay a professional or do the job yourself. But understand that you may fail. Be at peace with failing. Everybody fails sometimes. Either you fail and pay a professional to get the job done the right way or you fail and refuse to pay a professional to get the job done the right way. 

Your blog looks crappy or you struggle to design it properly for months or even years, if you stubbornly refuse to hire a pro. You better overcome both fears if you want to become a professional blogger. I have failed so many times I cannot even keep count. I also outsourced more than a few times to hand jobs over to skilled professionals.

Maybe I didn’t have skills in that area. But someone else could get the job done effectively. Ego plays no part in this role. I had to move my ego to the side in order to tap into energies that allowed me to overcome both the fear of failure and the fear of outsourcing to someone who could reverse my failure.

 Ultimately, nobody can really fail. I painted a wall. The colors don’t match perfectly. These are simple events. If I did not judge the events I could never see my action as a failure. I tried. Things did not turn out the way I intended. But I didn’t have a palpable fear of failing so I went for it. This is so important. Bloggers need this quality because you will fail persistently as a new blogger. 

Even if you learn how to blog the right way from a professional, you will still fail from time to time because you don’t have the skills, exposure and credibility yet to overcome common traffic and profits failures. But you also have to overcome stubbornness. Manifest as the fear of outsourcing to professionals who could correct your failure, this one stings your ego. I took great pride in my blog for many years. Boy did this mess up my blogging career. I believe that I knew the way to succeed. I did not admit my mistakes. I did not ask people for help. 

I felt embarrassed to admit that I had failed. I felt even more embarrassed to ask someone to correct my mistakes. Of course, I struggled for a long time because any professional needs to fail quite a bit and outsource to skill people who can augment their blogging campaign.

 Nobody is good at everything. Professional bloggers hand off jobs to people who cover their blind spots. I cannot design one lick. But my web developer designs just fine. I cannot promote myself around the clock. But the friends I make by being generous promote me around the clock just fine. I learn by both failing and humbling myself and asking for help to correct my failures. Like the handyman, there are many people with diverse skill-sets who can cover your blogging blind spots. 

These professionals help you in ways that you could not help yourself. The handyman tomorrow can easily swatch the color, touch up the spots and make the room look fabulous and likely 2 to 5 minutes after he buys the paint. For a likely small fee, he could do all this.

It just makes sense for my wife to pay him to do the job the right way so we can sell the house more quickly and get on with our travels. I could have gone directly to him but wanted to try doing the job myself first to overcome the fear of failure. I also thought I may be able to pull it off. But since that didn’t work out, we hire the professional to do the job the right way to move toward our ultimate goal.


 Blogging wise, house staging wise and life wise, overcome your fears of failure and outsourcing to people who correct your mistakes to accelerate your success. Be humble. Put your ego to the side. Feel OK with failing. Outsource freely. Live your dreams through blogging.


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