But Do You REALLY Care About Your Blog Readers?

But Do You REALLY Care About Your Blog Readers? 2
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I came across a blog a few moments ago.

Sometime bought the domain from a highly successful blogger a few months ago. I believe the new owner has good intentions overall but:

  • I have no way to contact the site owner; no email address and no working contact form
  • one page recently showed up as being generic and dare I say, possibly created for another blog
  • a highly septic, cookie-cutter feel permeates the blog

Again guys; I feel the owner has a good heart but he simply does not deeply, genuinely care about his readers because if he did he would open at least one channel of communication. Can you imagine buying a domain and hosting yet giving readers no way to get in contact with you? Think about it; obviously, you intend to make the blog 100% about spitting out value and making money, a passive income machine. Cool. We all want to run passive blogging businesses over the long haul but as a new blog owner you better have at least one channel of communication open to earn reader trust.

I read a blog post from my friend and successful blogger David Boozer a few moments ago:

3 Keys for Starting an Online Business (and Blog) Today!

Key #1 is clarity. The individual who bought the well-known site only to make it generic and to cut off all points of communication may be clear on turning the blog into a sole passive profit maker but he no doubt lost a hefty percentage of readers in the process. Losing a personal touch, changing content to cookie-cutter plain and also preventing readers from contacting you makes for severe red flags in the credibility department.

He seems clear on making money but greatly lacks clarity as far as:

  • how to gain reader trust
  • how to open communication channels
  • how to deeply, genuinely care about his readers

Point blank; you do not care about your readers if you guarantee, mindfully, and deliberately, that readers cannot:

  • email you
  • reach you by contact form
  • reach you by social media
  • reach you, ask you questions, and be able to get your answers through ANY channel online

Unless you establish full clarity around:

  • your blog
  • your business
  • your readers

you will struggle horribly online. I know. I had a terrible time trying to succeed for years solely because I did not really care about my readers. Helping readers seemed to be necessary but not a priority. I also had little interest in engaging readers through my blog, social media and email. How can you succeed unless you care deeply about the human beings through which success flows? Why would readers care about you if you do not care about readers?

Venkat Randa cares deeply about his readers and fellow bloggers. He networks tirelessly through social media and blog comment fields. One feels his genuine intent. He cares about helping and learning from his fellow human beings.

The real challenge is honestly assessing whether or not you genuinely care about the human beings reading your blog. I did an about face years ago but dug even deeper to make this eye-opening discovery recently. Understanding that genuine, 1 to 1 chats formed the foundation for a thriving blogging campaign never escaped me but a while back I fully realized the unlimited power in co-creating with and connecting with fellow bloggers in authentic fashion. Pro bloggers note bonding with bloggers in meaningful relationships. Meaningful relationships begin with meaningful interactions.

When is the last time you had a mindful, meaningful, heartfelt discussion with one of your readers? Or does your mind race ahead to the 101 other things you need to do the moment you even think about mindfully speaking with one of your readers? Be honest with yourself. Being straight with yourself feels uncomfortable but ultimately frees you of any blogging mistakes you may be making.

Care about your readers.

Observe how your readers care about you and your blog as you really care for them.

2 thoughts on “But Do You REALLY Care About Your Blog Readers?”

  1. Hey Ryan, You nailed it very well. Thank you for the mention. it means a lot to me.

    Yes, we have to care about our readers. Our readers are the main in our online journey.

    We can connect with them on social media like Twitter and we can answer their questions.

    Keep bring such awesome content Ryan.

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