Do You See Blogging Benefits or Badness?

Do You See Blogging Benefits or Badness? 2
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Why get caught up in blogging badness?  

Most bloggers trip and stumble over negatives. Why focus on obstacles when you can focus on benefits? Move your attention from what you fear to what you love. 

At about 11 p.m. on a Sunday night I feel grateful to help you. I do feel a little bit tired. But I learned how focusing on benefits over badness accelerates your success. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to benefits. Benefits expand.

 But giving your attention and energy to struggles allows struggles  to expand too. Same rule. Same principle. I could fill my mind with negative images now. I feel tired. I feel a bit worn out. Writer’s block tries to enter my mind. But I focus on freedom over fear. Blogging late into the night allows me to inspire you to be free. Plus I free myself by serving people. 

I focus on the sugary sweet benefits to get through any rough times. Seeing a few customers lets me appreciate my current customers. Ditto for clients. See the good. Be the good.

I was not always this mentally disciplined. I used to focus on badness, struggles, or failures. I tried to handcuff myself mentally for focusing on the negative vs. focusing on the positive. Eventually, I tired of this stupid mental game. Why fail when you can succeed? Why focus on what you don’t want? Focus on the benefits over the bad parts of blogging.

 Blogging really doesn’t flash much badness when you think about it. Every blogger faces fear. All bloggers face some struggles. But blogging doesn’t really have a clear downside. Working diligently, generously and patiently is no downside if you love blogging. 

I feel grateful to write this guest post after a long day in the cyber office. I love blogging. Even though I feel a bit uncomfortable I happily serve you. I see no clear downsides to blogging. Sadness doesn’t really exist until you create blogging badness.

 Most bloggers focus on traffic or blogging income struggles. Focus on badness.  Experience struggles. Your choice. But focusing on the benefits of blogging like helping people, feeling fulfilled and increasing your peace of mind nudges you through rough blogging spots. Everyone needs to face their blogging fears to be free of these energies. But you only face fear by focusing on the benefits of blogging. 

Why would you do something scary for no real payoff? Why leave your comfort zone for peanuts? Make your dream overpowering. Visualize your most freeing life. Paint your mental picture with details. Allow blogging benefits to seep through your being in order to dissolve blogging fears in your mind.

 Release negative bloggers. You know who I’m talking about. Let go bloggers entirely focused on their struggles. Release bloggers who boast of their failure. Let go bloggers who quit. Never allow these negative influences into your life. 

Replace with positive, uplifting bloggers who possess a “can do” attitude. Pay close attention to these bloggers. All of these people focus on blogging benefits vs  blogging struggles. Make this intimately personal choice to follow their lead. Work late into the night by feeling your dream in vivid detail. Work early in the morning by seeing your dream life manifest. Become emotionally involved with your mental picture to allow it to come alive.

 Energize yourself for this blogging journey. Knife through resistance. Glide through your fears. Every blogger who picks a fun, freeing driver sees the journey through until they go pro and live their dreams. Follow their lead to live your dreams through blogging.

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