Should You Leave Your Job to Begin a Business During Economic Downturns?

Should You Leave Your Job to Begin a Business During Economic Downturns? 2
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Does your heart tell you to do it? Yes.

But make sure you saved up enough money to pay bills for many months. Money arrives only if you generously serve people for a long time. Never begin a business during an economic downturn just to make money because money arrives down the road. Economic tough spots feel scary. Illusions of poverty dance around in your mind, through the experiences of people around you. Step out of these fears to step out of the illusions. Step toward your business dreams.

The main requirements:

  • listen to your heart
  • make sure you have money saved up to cover basics like bills, food and shelter for 6-12 months or longer

Everybody has perfect advice flowing from their heart. I know what I need to do. You know what you need to do. The heart operates independent of economic down turns because your heart is in the world but not of the world. People in and of the world panic during rough patches. Scared people advise you; joining a start up or blogging full time seems too risky during periods of financial heartache. But why allow their fears to determine their path in life?

I follow love and ignore fear. I listen to my heart and ignore fear through ego, advice from scared people and negative news headlines. Why allow fear to call the shots? Listen to your intuition; it always knows the way. I spend time daily listening to intuitive nudges. Intuition is never wrong. Fear can be wrong, though. Fear is always wrong because fear is illusion.

As for savings, I write from personal experience. I never regret anything. Every experience taught me valued lessons. But depending on a new blog as a new blogger to pay basic bills becomes too stressful for most human beings. How can you be generous, patient and persistent if you have no idea where your next meal is coming from?

How can you feel detached, calm and confident if you have 4 pennies in your pocket? How can you feel relaxed if you seem to be 2 days away from being homeless? Do yourself a favor. Go with your start up business or pro blogging career if you save up – or saved up – ample money to feel the relief of paying all bills.

Feeling relieved makes blogging, business and money easier for you. No longer do you feel desperation. Nor does despair call the shots. Panic never clouds your judgment. Now you know; you can relax, building the business the right way for the next 2-4 years, working your tail off for free until full time income arrives for you.

Reality Check

Virtually every start up or blogging business becomes full time profitable after years or thousands of work hours, doing things the right way. Perhaps a vivid, freeing dream arises in mind; you visualize yourself earning a full time income through a business. Awesome. But the gap between your dream and the dream becoming true in reality involves:

  • learning how to build a full time business from pros
  • practicing your business building skills
  • spending thousands of hours working generously for free, creating and connecting
  • monetizing your business freely

Imagine joining a start up right now, in July, 2020. Full time money through the start up will tend to arrive after you generously help people for free for thousands of hours, perhaps in July 2022 or July 2023. No one knows. The money comes but you totally need to release time frames.

This is why you need money saved up to cover bills for at least 6-12 months. Likely, you will make zero dollars through your business for the first 6-12 months. During the next 12-18 months, money may arrive in drips. Still not enough to pay your bills. But after thousands of work hours – doing things the right way – money does arrive in increasing amounts.


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