What Is the Price of Blogging Full Time?

What Is the Price of Blogging Full Time? 2
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Being a pro blogger is fun, freeing and quite fulfilling.

I largely love this journey.

But I also had to pay the price of becoming a full time blogger. I love blogging. Most of the time. But sometimes, blogging proves to be highly uncomfortable. Why? Life intervenes.

Take today. My neck feels as stiff as can be. But I need to get down to work. My wife and I are moving out of the house tomorrow. We have been around the clock busy doing stuff related to the move.

I still work. Of course I work. Why?

The price of being a full time blogger is: being 100% responsible for your blogging career.

I do not blame moving for not getting blogging work done. I do not make excuses. Nor do I blame people, places or circumstances for not getting blogging work done. Either I blog or I do not blog. Blogging or not blogging is my intimately personal choice.

Being 100% responsible for your blogging career:

  • removes the habit of blaming people
  • removes the habit of blaming circumstances
  • gives you complete freedom

Think about it; being fully responsible for your blogging success or failure puts the complete thing on your shoulders. Pros get work done. Pros do what needs to be done to succeed online.

Do you feel tired? Take responsibility for your feelings. Take responsibility for your blog. Get to work. Blog. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Do not blame your sore back or stiff neck for your blogging failure. The stiff neck or sore back has nothing to do with your blogging failure. But your personal choices have everything to do with your blogging failure.

Human beings feel uncomfortable with taking full responsibility for their lives. Blaming people, conditions or things feels so much easier. But blaming people, conditions or things enslaves you to those people, conditions or things.

I could blame my move now as being a reason not to write this post. I am super busy moving things out of the house; we need to vacate tomorrow. I simply choose to blog. I choose not to blame moving and I choose to blog, even though blogging feels highly uncomfortable right now.

My mind races. My neck feels stiff. I have 101 things to do…..but I still blog. Being responsible for your blogging career is the price of becoming a professional blogger.

Be 100% responsible for your blogging career to become a pro. Blame nothing. Blame no one. Blame no limiting beliefs of yours, either. Never blame writer’s block because this fear is an illusion YOU created; blame yourself, not fear in your mind.

Blame no fellow blogger who appears to be eating into your audience. Competition is impossible in a Universe of abundance; again….it’s your fault for choosing to believe in competition and for choosing to give fellow bloggers power over the limitless, abundant, powerful you.

I put in the time now to allow my blogging career to flourish more now, and in the future. Put in the work. Be generous with your followers. Take responsibility for your blogging direction. Never blame people, places or things for your failure. Blog for fun and freedom. Blogging for fun and freedom ensures you get the job done, no matter what.

This is the perfect beginning point for your professional blogging career. Own it all. Take 100% responsibility for your blog to put in that work and to become a professional blogger down the road.

The journey feels scary at times but focusing on your fun, freeing dreams gets you through these rough patches. Make freeing, sometimes uncomfortable decisions to keep blogging and to succeed online.

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