Do You Give for the Sake of Giving?

Do You Give for the Sake of Giving? 2
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The belief in scarcity influences bloggers to give for the sake of getting.

But giving for the sake of giving is the way to become a successful blogger. Why? Giving from abundance allows you to keep giving for the sake of giving when you do not get money, traffic or social shares. Every professional blogger gives for free for quite a long time before getting – aka traffic and profits – happens. Pro bloggers work for free for many amateur blogging hours before becoming a professional blogger. First, you give for quite a long time. Giving involves building your skills, exposure and credibility for free, before the money arrives. But all of this free giving leads to a thriving professional blogging career if you give for the sake of giving for a long time.

Do you give for the sake of giving? Or do you give mainly to get? Giving to get leads to failure for a clear reason; bloggers who give mainly to get do not generate much traffic if any as newbies. Bloggers make zero dollars as newbies. No new blogger has skills, exposure or credibility. Naturally, an unskilled blogger with no credibility and exposure does not make money, of course! What happens if bloggers give mainly to get traffic and money that does not arrive? In most cases, these bloggers quit. In some cases, these bloggers wake up after receiving a reality check courtesy of their new blogger struggles. But most quit because they feel too uncomfortable about giving without getting anything in return. In truth, most bloggers simply want to give to get and would be better off working a job with a steady paycheck. However, reality checks weed these folks out quite quickly. Delusional bloggers expecting to get rich quickly vanish into blogging oblivion the moment they do not get big bucks immediately.

I had to learn this difficult lesson early during my blogging career. Even though one part of me blogged for fun, a bigger part blogged for money and traffic. But money and traffic did not arrive for quite a while. What could I do? I struggled for a while because I had to develop an abundance consciousness, happy to give for the sake of giving. Eventually, I got lost in the process of giving for the sake of giving but walking the abundant path still felt uncomfortable. My ego desired something in return. I wanted to get something from my giving. However, versus giving in to ego demands I got clear on giving for the joy of giving, even as my ego kicked and screamed during the process. Tonight, I am writing another guest post to be published on Blog CD. I could never have written 100’s of guest posts to be published here unless I loved giving for the sake of giving.

The benefit of giving mainly to give manifests over a long period of time. Generosity doled out now gives you:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

enough to be both seen and trusted over the long haul. Helping people for free gives you enough skills, exposure and credibility to become a professional blogger. But the helping process tends to weed out most bloggers because the masses demand a quick return on their giving. Being generous does not mean helping people freely for a few minutes, hours or weeks. Being generous is a long haul proposition positioning you to go pro over the long term.


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