Why Blogging Slowly Pulls You Back to Creating for Others

Why Blogging Slowly Pulls You Back to Creating for Others 2
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Blogging solely for yourself seems to have its benefits.

Perhaps boosting blogging income feels good to you. We all love to earn extra cash. Maybe being adored feels delightful. Who does not like receiving love from loyal, loving readers? But blogging for yourself becomes boring after a bit because addressing your needs makes the journey…..bland. Case in point; once traffic, profits and business grows, blogging for yourself becomes moot. By this, I mean you have been taken care of. Imagine survival needs being met. Enjoy the roof over your head. Dig the car in your garage. Appreciate your full fridge.

Bills? Paid. Everything is A-OK. From that point edging forward, blogging for others is the only sane, clear, true idea because everything is cared for on your end.

A few moments ago I felt a bit disgusted. I intended to promote a high number of old blog posts, guest posts and videos for all of us, in truth. But the promoting seemed a bit too much for me. Blogging for myself or largely for myself feels a bit like cheating the world of what I offer for others. I can write. What makes more sense right now? Promoting a high volume of links for me and you or writing a new guest post for me and you? In the moment, blogging pulled me back not to promoting for others but to creating for others. Everything meaningful, helpful and holy pulls humans back to creating helpful content for other human beings. Blogging-wise, at least.

Blogging always nudges you to create for others because creating feels best. Serving someone else with a creation feels best because blogging from love proves that nothing feels better than sharing. Even though writing this blog post feels good, my body feels bad, now. Tension builds in my neck. My head aches. My knee hurts. Writing tens of millions of words took its toll on my body. Even thorough mindset training and body training prevents not pain and suffering in mind and body. But I honor the call to create content for other people solely because blogging pulls you and I back to creating for others.

I will certainly promote content for others. Sharing old posts makes sense. Sharing old guest posts makes sense, too. But give yourself at least a few moments to create something helpful for other human beings today. Creating flat out feels good. Being inward focused feels bad because humans seem to be designed to feel good about helping others. Even if you record and publish a 1 minute long video, do it. Feel better. Shift focus from your needs to serving other human beings. Create one piece of content daily to shift focus from trying to help yourself to helping other human beings. Firmly root yourself in this concept to understand not only the secret to happiness and freedom, but the secret of blogging success, too.

Everything changes the moment you change your blogging mindset. Be less concerned in mind about yourself and your needs. Be more concerned about helping fellow humans with your gifts. Going within makes the difference. But prepare yourself for some bumpiness. Fear arises on shifting from trying to meet your needs to helping other humans. Ego hates this. But this is the journey all bloggers make to lay a successful blogging foundation for their campaign.

You can do it!

I believe in you.

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