Do You Need to Get Current?

Do You Need to Get Current? 2
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Bloggers often find themselves skilled to handle a world that passed them by years ago.

Someone recently emailed me asking if I could place a sponsored post. But if he followed my blog he would know that I stopped accepting and placing sponsored posts years ago. He also asked if I would honor the old rate but the old rate is laughable to me right now. When did the prior email from our thread date? September of 2019. Imagine all news changing over the prior 2 years. Look up a newspaper from September of 2019. Pick up a newspaper today. Now, multiply the 2 years by 10 to understand that 2 years in the online world is like 20 years in the offline world.

What were you doing in September of 2001? How has your life changed from September 2001 to October of 2021? How many changes occurred during the past 20 years of your life? Think. Why would you think someone blogs as one blogged 2 years ago online? Why would someone be the same person offline as one seemed to be 20 years ago?

Wake up! Stop sleeping. Wake your sleeping mind. People tend to fall asleep in mind. Being asleep in mind guarantees that you anchor yourself to a blogging past long since…..passed. Imagine being highly skilled to deal with blogging in 2014. In 2014 I guest blogged for money. Paid guest blogging seemed to be all the rave. Awesome. But Matt Cutts published one update completely obliterating paid guest blogging for links. He decided Google had seen enough spam results on page 1 because businesses bought enough links through guest blogging. Guest blogging for money on thin, weak, multi-topic blogs with no authority disappeared overnight in 2014. Imagine if I still clung to 2014? Imagine if I still tried to guest blog on multi topic blogs for paid links?

I got current in 2014. Matt Cutts did away with paid guest blogging. I began writing and self-publishing eBooks. Writing and self-publishing eBooks allowed me to monetize my writing passion. However, more importantly, I remained current by letting go paid guest blogging and replacing the income channel with an in-demand niche. Readers still enjoy consuming content through Kindle. But if readers stop buying and reading through Kindle or if Amazon disappears I will happily transfer all of my 126 eBooks to different digital storefronts. I happily change with the blogging times by simply being current. I do not attach to the blogging past by being asleep mentally. I do my best to be awake at the blogging wheel.

Imagine when I began blogging in 2007. What did I know about blogging? Nothing. But I got current. I followed a few blogging tips blogs. Slowly but surely I added knowledge to begin publishing content. Most content became evergreen content. But I only followed this path because I chose to be current, informed and up to date. I do not put my blogging head in the sand. I do not sleep, mentally. My mind is largely awake. I am not deluded.

I invite you to wake your sleeping mind. Stop clinging to the blogging past. Be awake. Open your eyes. Follow top blogging tips blogs. Stay current to position yourself to succeed.


Do you need a reminder to wake up?

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