1 Building Analogy for Your Blogging Campaign

1 Building Analogy for Your Blogging Campaign 2
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You have likely heard the saying:

“If you build it, they will come.”

The basic analogy is if you build something helpful, useful or beneficial, people will arrive, visit and prosper you. Think of stores, businesses and other various buildings. But people often forget to include one key element in the building process when it comes to blogging; you need to PERSISTENTLY KEEP BUILDING your blog over years of your life for people to continue to arrive to your blog. If you keep building it bigger, and bigger, and bigger, people will come and support your blogging business. But few bloggers advise patient, persistent building. This is one reason why most bloggers fail; bloggers build their blog without finishing a blogging job that…..never ends!

No pro blogger ever finishes the job because your blog can always be bigger. Peep my guest posting campaign. I always have more people to help. I always have work to do. I love doing work. I enjoy doing work. But being human with some fears in my mind, I sometimes fear I will not get the building work done. Facing, feeling and releasing these work-fears, I simply proceed to keep building, patiently and persistently, to allow more people to find me and to accelerate my blogging success as I serve more people. In truth, if you love blogging you will keep building your blog for years, for as long as you decide to blog. Bloggers stop building because bloggers love profits, popularity or some other external driver more than bloggers love blogging.

If you KEEP building your blog, people will slowly, steadily and persistently find your blog but you need to keep building through thick, thin and every stage in between. Bloggers give up before laying a proper blogging foundation. Bloggers give up before building a blogging mansion. Bloggers build an impressive mansion but give up after losing a love of blogging. Hey; everything is on you. Either keep building your blog or quit building your blog. But if you want to keep growing your blog into something special you need to keep building your blog into something special. Everything depends solely on your intent.

I love blogging. I keep building my blog. I keep guest posting. But even a guy like me who loves blogging faces stiff challenges here and there because I am human, and prone to facing, feeling and releasing fears, here and there. Part and parcel of being a non-enlightened being, of course. Facing, feeling and releasing deep fears feels unpleasant sometimes but liberating all of the time because releasing fear also releases the illusions fear creates in your being. Leaving illusions behind allows you to keep on building your blogging campaign from energies of love, forgiveness and abundance.

Keep building! Keep blogging. If you keep building it for years, readers, customers and clients will come. Keep building to keep growing your blogging business.

Remember why you blog. I love freedom. I love fun. Blogging allows me to live a fun, freeing life of circling the globe. Find your fun, freeing drivers to keep blogging through ups and downs until the rollercoaster ride becomes a smooth journey on flat blogging land.


Writing and self-publishing 126 eBooks taught me the benefit of building something generously, patiently and persistently. I learned this lesson through my blogging and also through my self-publishing campaign. But finding my writing voice challenged me; I wanted to fit in, like most bloggers and self-published authors, fearing criticism by standing out from the crowd.

I wrote an eBook to help you find your writing voice.

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How to Find Your Writing Voice

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A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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