What to Do If You Are Disgusted with Blogging

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Blogging mindset is everything.

Let’s take a step back.

Sometimes, you get so caught up with acquiring and following practical blogging tips that you ignore how blogging is about emotional intelligence first and foremost. Do you wonder why most bloggers fail? You and I have access to every successful tip under the sun. Why do few bloggers follow good advice until succeeding?

Enter poor emotional management.

How you choose to think and feel determines how you act. How you act determines your blogging results. Feeling disgusted and flat out hopeless destroys the successful blogging process because disgusted bloggers feel terrible. Terrible feeling bloggers usually quit blogging. Some of these bloggers blog from a failure energy, doing dumb stuff and struggling until they change their vibe.

Blogging Mindset

How it works; bloggers begin blogging filled with enthusiasm, vim, and vigor. But after a short period of time, bloggers see little or no results in terms of traffic and profits. Disgust arises from within your being. Do you want to quit? Yep. Do you want to smash your laptop screen? Perhaps. What happened? Blogging seemed promising during newbie days. Why do you struggle and more importantly, how do you get over this disgusted, deflated feeling?

Follow these tips.

Be With the Disgusted Emotions

The quickest way to erase disgusted emotions is to FEEL the disgusted emotions. Does any blogger enjoy feeling disgusted? No. But you cannot get over a feeling if the feeling is still in you. Embrace disgust. Cry. Get upset. Clear the emotion of hopelessness by feeling it freely and genuinely. Most bloggers make the error of trying to bury disgust under false positive vibes. Guess what? Disgust and failure grow in your being and you will struggle and fail until you feel your fears, pains, disgust, and contempt.

Shift Your Intent: Make it Fun and Freeing

Disgust arises because you anger over an outcome – traffic and profits – not being where you want it to be. Laymen’s terms; you focus your intent heavily on getting money and traffic and shortages trigger disgust.

Shift your intent from financials to freedom and fun. Make fun, the reward. See money as an extra or bonus. Seeing money as an extra keeps you calm and confident and trusting in the process if 0 bucks or 2 bucks or 10 bucks represents your entire blogging profits. No blogger feels disgusted if they do not get what they are not really chasing.

Even better? Blogging mainly for fun and freedom positions you to be generous, patient and persistent. Generous, patient and persistent bloggers make sweet money, over the long haul.

Invest Money in Successful Blogging Advice

Smart bloggers who calmly glide along their blogging journey invest money in successful blogging advice.

Take my blogging course:

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

Investing money in the course gives you confidence, clarity, and trust in self and in the blogging strategies because you know said tips DO WORK, even if you have made no money after following my tips for a few months. How can you be disgusted if you believe in your blogging strategy? Only scared bloggers filled with doubt about their blogging tactics feel disgusted, deflated and hopeless.

Surround Yourself with Positive Bloggers

Sazzadul, Vishwajeet Kumar and Mudassir Ahmed are 3 positive, loving bloggers who help you to keep your energy high. Follow each friend of mine. Learn from these successful bloggers how to be calm, generous, patient and persistent, even if you feel a bit agitated about your blog.

Rocking bloggers keep you on the straight and narrow. Even if you feel angry about your blog, in a split second, seeing my smiling mug and hearing my advice dissolves your anger into gratitude, happiness and a renewed vigor for blogging from a fresh perspective.

My friends and I give you a type of blogging recharge we all need during tough times. Build your friend network. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote other bloggers. Ground yourself in positivity for your blogging journey.


Guys; every blogger feels disgusted with their blog sometime during their career. You and I are human. We experience a wide range of emotions on our blogging journey. Successful bloggers learn how to deal with these emotions before the energies become a leaden, dead weight, anchoring you, holding you back, stunting your growth.

Own your success. All bloggers seem destined to succeed but many take doubt and disgust detours. Check yourself. Be straight with yourself. Blogging is genuinely a between the ears game.

Leave disgust in your rear view mirror as you progress toward greater blogging success.

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