5 Tips for Starting a Blog

tips for starting a blog
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I researched tips for starting a blog a few moments ago.

Not that I need to; those bad boys dance around in my blogging dome. But I like seeing what bloggers see when querying Google. Most want simple, practical tips for beginning a blogging career. I get it. But you need to dig a bit deeper if you plan to do blogging right.

Tips for Starting a Blog

Blogging is fun, freeing and fulfilling if you choose to blog from day #1 with the right intent. Blog for the joy of doing something you love. Let go of strong money and popularity drivers. Let’s begin there.

Pick the Right Intent

Why do you blog? For fun and freedom? Or do you chase money? Never pick money drivers because money arrives slowly. Losing your motivator is a terrible way to begin blogging. Instead, seek your passion. Blog on a topic you enjoy discussing. Make the work, the reward. See money, traffic, and popularity as extras, or bonuses, the icing on the cake stuff.

Pick the right intent to start blogging from a powerful, generous, stable, trusting energy.

Buy Your Domain and Hosting

Invest in your domain and hosting to own your online real estate. Buy your domain name to brand yourself effectively. Sure you can use a free blogging platform but you cede ownership, branding potential and monetizing potential the moment you use a free platform. Begin blogging with the right energy. Buy your domain and hosting.

Expect to pay $10 a month – or more – for reliable, stable hosting. Invest about $14 or so for your domain name, yearly. Never make buying cheap hosting your prime goal because cheap hosting leads to frequent downtime and slow blog load times. Convey a trusted, professional image, even as a blogging newbie. Invest in your domain and hosting.

Invest in a Blogging Course and/or eBook

Invest in a course and/or eBook to begin blogging intelligently.

Buy my course:

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

Buy my eBook:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

For fun, inspired, valued blogging resources designed to ease your blogging journey.

Newbie bloggers usually make the foolish mistake of “winging it”, trying to blog with zero experience and knowledge in the blogging field. Would you try to become a doctor without going to med school? Would you attempt to become a lawyer without going to law school? Go to blogging school. Pay your blogging tuition. Invest money in your blogging education. Buy a blogging course. Buy a blogging eBook.

Create and Connect

Create helpful content to solve reader problems.

Connect with top bloggers in your niche by helping them and asking for nothing in return. Allow friendships to form organically.

Creating and connecting is the meat and potatoes of successful blogging for beginners and for veterans. Since you have no readers, as a newbie blogger, get your finger on the cyber pulse of your niche by following top blogs in your niche. What topics do top bloggers cover? What problems do readers share in comments? Cover similar topics on your blog. Do research through these blogs. Link to these top bloggers, forming bonds and giving credit where credit is due.

Creating helpful content builds trust. Trust is the #1 currency for all bloggers.

Promote top bloggers on social media and through your blog. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Friendships form. If you keep creating to improve your writing and blogging skills, some blogging buddies promote you or even invite you to guest post on their blog.

Check this out:

5 Tips for Starting a Blog 1
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I Googled “how to attract influential bloggers” and the guest post I wrote and published here came up featured on Google, page 1, result 1.

How to Attract Influential Bloggers

Long-tail keyword and it’s only for my eyes but still pretty darn cool, eh? Sazzadul and I built a friendship by helping each other and he invited me to guest post for him. Building connections wins again!

Monetize through Multiple Income Streams

Slowly and steadily add multiple streams of income to your blog. Consider affiliate marketing as a new blogger to hit the monetizing ground running. As you improve your writing skills, write and self-publish eBooks, create courses, open your blog to advertising and sponsored post revenue and begin coaching and/or consulting. But for newbies, affiliate marketing is your best option because you need not create the product yourself.

Endless affiliate programs exist. I prefer to be an Amazon Associate. The money is genuinely in the free content you create and the bonds you build with top bloggers.


Remember to work on your mindset too when considering tips for starting a blog. I delve into mindset training via my blogging course and blogging eBook above.

Blogging is doing simple but sometimes uncomfortable things regularly. Keep at it. I believe in you. Success will find you if you are generous, patient and persistent.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Great advice for new bloggers. Some may feel investing in courses is not worth it but in reality it gives you access to the ocean of experience that will help you reach your goal quickly.

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