1 Way to Save Blogging Time

1 Way to Save Blogging Time 2
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One is the simplest – albeit uncomfortable – ways to save blogging time is to cut down word usage in interactions.

Been a few years since I was long-winded with email and social media interactions of course, but I doubled down to extremely economical word usage the past 2-3 days. Oh my goodness. Have I ever saved time. Time I am using to write more blog posts and guest posts, to serve you. We both win.

Sometimes though, using fewer words feels uncomfortable because brevity seems rude or off putting to less successful, less busy bloggers. I recall 10 years ago when I was a newbie. I had nothing to do. No business. All the time on earth. No clients. No customers. I was lost. In a total haze.

When my mentor emailed me with 1 word responses, after I emailed 500 words to this hyper busy, successful blogger, I felt angry. Why did this jerk rudely email me 1-2 words? No respect! How rude! What a terrible mentor! I believed these ideas because I did not respect how busy he was. Turns out, he only had 5 seconds to scan emails and reply in 1-2 words.

Now I Respect the Guy

Now, having 2000 things to do daily, wow do I ever respect the guy. I understand because I am in his shoes. Now *I* only have a few seconds to scan emails and respond in 1 word, or, with 1 sentence. Role reversal.

I deeply respect the guy because I need to follow a similar engagement strategy.

Time Saver

How does this approach save time? Through the power of establishing clarity, you get to spend more time doing what matters most – creating content – and spend less time filling people’s feeds and email and Message and Messenger inboxes with words and a general lack of clarity.

I feel most bloggers – old me included – waste hours over a month saying things in 300 words versus 5 words. Being clear respects my time and your time. Being economical with words respects your time and my time.

Simply respond in 2 words versus 10. Respond in 5 words versus 200. No need to be super duper polite by saying thank you or please or adding more and more words to the email. Be polite by using 2-4 words to respect the other person’s time.


No doubt, using 2-3 words to message someone after using 200 words over the years feels uncomfortable because fears arise. Fears of criticism, rejection and the general fear of not getting points across arise in your being the moment you use 1-2 words to communicate through email, social media and through any online channel. Guess what? Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

The time you save for other, more critical, blogging exploits beats a few moments of discomfort. Plus, you have no other choice as you get incredibly busy. Either you use a few words and scale, or use a bunch of words, and never scale, because you appear to run out of time by day’s end.

I often hear bloggers complain. No time to blog. But the same bloggers waste 10-20 minutes daily – adding up to hours at month’s end – responding or replying in paragraphs versus words. Brevity signals respect. Clarity signals seriousness. I deeply appreciate anybody who reaches out to me but never equate thoughtfulness with the number of words you use conversing with someone.

The fewer, the better. Get your point across. Exit stage left. Save time and energy. Devote that time and energy to greater business-building activities.


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