Why Ask for a Link Exchange?

Why Ask for a Link Exchange? 2
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You have little blog traffic.

You have no blog traffic.

Nobody links to you organically.

Nobody links to you because you have not quality content. You have not quality content because you do not practice writing diligently enough.

You have no friends. Because you never promote other bloggers on your blog, or, through social media.

You have no clout. Not creating content frequently enough.

You are greedy.

You are stingy.

You are desperate.

You think inward, only about yourself.

No one knows who you are because you publish content 1-2 times a year.

Nobody ever sees your blog comments because you spam comment drive-by’s, versus publishing genuine comments.

Do I need to go on? I can. List about 40,000 other mistakes on your part, to see why you ask for link exchanges. Someone told me it’s quite sad that I refused to do a link exchange with them. Nothing sad on this end. I get tons of organic backlinks. He sees the state of his blog; appears sad to him, because he gets few links. Otherwise, he would never, ever ask for a link exchange.

Peep the link exchanges unknown bloggers with no traffic offer me. I drive a high volume of traffic to my blog. Some of the most famous sites on earth link to Blogging From Paradise. My blog is in demand, well known and valuable. Why would I trade a high value link for a low value link?

Trading a Ferrari for a Motorbike

I travel through SE Asia quite a bit. Motorbikes are cheap, easy ways to get around.

Imagine walking up to someone who owns a Ferrari Enzo, a car worth over $1 million USD. You ask to trade your $1000 motorbike for his $1,000,000 Ferrari Enzo. He will either laugh in your face, slap you in the face, spit in your face or walk away and call the cops, to get you committed to a mental institution. Only a mentally ill person would trade a million dollar Ferrari for a thousand dollar motorbike. Yet amateur bloggers attempt to do this every day, with their asinine link exchange requests.

My blog link is a Ferrari Enzo and a struggling blogger’s link is a motorbike. Either pay me $1,000,000 for my Enzo or you ain’t getting it. I surely would not be insane enough to trade a Ferrari for a motorbike. No sane human would make the trade.

Begin seeing yourself and your blog in the light of truth. Pay up to play up or bust your tail so top bloggers WANT to link to your blog, organically. I gave out about 9 links today on authority blogs. Why? Skilled bloggers who befriend me through their generosity deserve links, from me. I happily link to these pros organically. Someone else paid me money for a sponsored post. I happily link to sponsored content.

No blogger trades a Ferrari for a motorbike. Stop asking a pro blogger to trade their Ferrari link for your motorbike link; ain’t gonna happen. Stop asking for link exchanges all together, because trading motorbikes for motorbikes never moves you up in the big dawg, Ferrari blogging circles, of the world.

Move up into Ferrari circles by generously creating helpful content and by generously building strong bonds with top bloggers in your niche. Help pros. Ask for nothing. Allow your skills and generosity to impress these folks. Over time, some of these top pros link to your blog organically, without you even asking these pros.

That’s how it’s done.

Build your blog into something people actually WANT to link to, versus desperately running around like a backlink beggar.

Leave Amateur Tactics Behind

Asking for link exchanges with top pros – when your link is close to being worthless – and complaining about not having the budget to place a sponsored or guest post on a top blogger’s blog are amateur tactics used by poor people. Leave your poverty consciousness behind.

Be generous. Earn the right to gain a link on a top blog through your intelligent, generous work, creating and connecting your way to mucho organic links.


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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Why Ask for a Link Exchange?”

  1. More wisdom as usual Ryan! We all need links of course, but my belief we have to just work hard at the game before EVER asking anyone for a link. Of course this could mean years of work, but you get out what you put in.

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