Do You Share the Blogging Wealth?

Do You Share the Blogging Wealth? 2
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I love writing posts for my blog.

But I also love guest posting.

Guest posting helps me to spread the blogging wealth, so we can all benefit from the blogging tips I share with the world. If I only shared my blogging tips through my blog, I would be a bit stingy. Not sharing the wealth truly if I try to make blogging a one man show. But helping fellow bloggers with guest posts – and through genuine blog comments too – opens up a whole new, prospering blogging world.

Way too many bloggers think only of self when sharing tips. Blog on your blog. Be a one man or one woman show. All well and good – as helping people through your blog is still being generous – but guest posting helps you spread out your reach far and wide, pronto.

1000 Links in 21 Days

I just built 1000 backlinks to Blogging From Paradise in only 10 days. Most bloggers have a terrible time even imagining how to get 5 backlinks to point to their blog. 1000 in 3 weeks is pretty solid, I gotta say. How? I shared the wealth. Daily, I generate 5 or more backlinks through guest posting alone. Toss in a few genuine blog comments here and there. Keen wealth sharing strategy.

I could never build links without the help of friends like Sazzadul. He generously invited me to guest post on his blog. Happily publishing helpful content here, we both win. He generates passive blog traffic. I build links and traffic. He aligns with me. I align with him. Sharing the wealth is a sound, proven strategy I learned from top bloggers. Top pros told me to guest post not just to build links, but to also build bonds.

Some of these top pros seem wealthier than Scrooge McDuck; I listened. Listening closely, I tried to basically write and publish a guest post for every single post I published on Blogging from Paradise. Everything flowed. Backlinks grew at a sick rate. But only because I shared my insights through a high volume of guest posts.

Stop Being Selfish

I get it; we all get a little bit selfish sometimes. But catch yourself. Stop publishing posts only on your blog. Begin guest posting. Share the wealth. Spread the wealth. Guest posting on a blog does not mean all profits, traffic, and success flows to that blogger. Some success flows to you, too. But make the post all about helping a fellow blogger. Do ’em a solid. Be generous. Be genuine.

Sharing blogging wealth by guest posting, by opening your blog to guest posting, by mentioning bloggers on your blog and by promoting other bloggers on social media simply builds bonds and forms friendships that benefit everybody.

Sharing is caring. Sharing opens the door. Think of all the platforms where you can allow more readers and bloggers to benefit from your knowledge. I love spreading the word. Take your time. Be generous. Be helpful, but not just on your blog. Think of fellow bloggers. Help them out.

When did you last guest post on a blog? Be honest in answering. Start building bonds with bloggers today. Google places a premium on blogs with serious backlinks pointing to the blog itself. So, start building. I barely pay attention to SEO but build some passive Google traffic for the sheer number of backlinks pointing to my blog. Toss in some big time quality backlinks and success finds me even more freely, through both Google and through authority blogs.

Be generous but not just on your blog. Write a guest post for someone. Get out of your head. Build your blogging business. Sharing is caring. Spread the wealth!


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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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