1 Simple But Sometimes Uncomfortable Way to Increase Blogging Income

1 Simple But Sometimes Uncomfortable Way to Increase Blogging Income 2
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Exhibit A:

How to Maximize Your Blogging Profits in 5 Simple Steps

Click that link. If you want to maximize your blogging profits in 5 simple steps, give my eBook a buy. I share 5 helpful, practical tips for making money through your blog. Simple, powerful, and effective, I believe you’ll find value in the read to increase your profits.

Do you see what I just did? I promoted my eBook. This is simple. Anyone can promote their products and services freely. All it takes is a link, mention of how the premium offering benefits readers, and detaching from outcomes. You and I can do this simply. No sweat.


….doing this simple thing 10,000 times over the next 3 years of your life sometimes feels uncomfortable. Goodness knows doing this simple self-promotion thing felt uncomfortable for me. Why? I had to face, feel and release fears triggered during these seemingly marathon-length, self-promotion commitments. Bloggers usually face fears concerning:

  • self-worth
  • confidence
  • clarity
  • comfort with receiving money
  • failure
  • criticism

after promoting anything 10, 20 or 100 times. Promoting something 1000 times tends to trigger deeper fears. Most bloggers cling to the false belief that promoting something 1000 times makes you a multi millionaire. Millions will line up to purchase your offering after 1000 back links through:

  • your blog
  • your guest posts
  • your blog comments
  • your videos

point to the product. Right? Wrong. I promoted my course 8000 times before someone bought it. My course is helpful, inspired, and proven. I share what helped me – and helps other bloggers – become successful. But my journey involved needing to trigger fears by promoting the thing thousands of times before someone purchased the course. How confident and clear was I, really? I soon discovered how many multi-millionaires do the simple but uncomfortable thing of self-promoting thousands and tens of thousands of times to trigger, feel, and release fears like:

  • “I am wasting my time!”
  • “I am running out of money!”
  • “My course-eBook must be terrible!”

or one out of another 1,001 fears. Professionals keep doing the simple promoting bit even when it feels scary, annoying and flat out uncomfortable to self-promote for the 10,000th time. But something neat happens. Eventually, you face, feel and release all self-promotional fears. Detachment follows. Then you promote yourself like you breathe. Then, when you care less about sales, more and more sales occur. I cannot put this experience into words because you need to experience these emotions:

  • intimately
  • personally
  • genuinely

in order to become a professional blogger. My eBook above is a helpful starting point. After buying it, reading it, taking notes and studying it, you slowly but surely learn successful blogging is doing simple things generously, persistently, and patiently. Here’s the deal; if you create valued products and services and promote valuable products and services persistently, people will buy in and you will prosper. Plus, something else neat happens through your valued service; loyal fans, customers and clients promote and endorse you, increasing your blogging profits.

Guys; taking this journey feels uncomfortable sometimes but wading through fear is worth living the life of your dreams. Look at the featured image for this post. I snapped that selfie in Thailand. Did it feel worth it to face some fears so I could spend over 2 years in Thailand between my many trips there? Yes, of course it was worth it. Freedom is worth everything, let alone facing a few uncomfortable fears over years of your life.

Promote your products and services daily. Especially when it feels uncomfortable, promoting premium offerings persistently leads to increased blogging profits. Remember why you blog. Make freedom your driver; not avoiding fear. I believe in you. I know I’ll meet you on the beaches of Thailand. See this freeing journey through.


During one of my trips to Thailand, I filmed this video reminding you to be generous. Generosity opens successful blogging doors for you. Watch the video here:

How Generous Are You With Your Blog?

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