Why Throw Away Your Efforts on a Free Blogging Platform?

Why Throw Away Your Efforts on a Free Blogging Platform? 2
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Every piece of content you publish through free blogging platforms throws away your efforts.

Free platform owners own your content, likeness and all you do through the free blogging platform. Does this sound like a smart approach? Should you give your content to someone else? Why publish work for someone else to profit from? If you do not own the platform you do not own the content, likeness or anything you publish through the platform.

Free blog platforms are for freebie-seekers who want something for nothing. Stop being a freebie-seeker. Invest money in your domain and hosting. Own your blogging real estate. Own every piece of content you publish on your blog. Own everything you do through your blog. Think like an owner, not a renter. Think like an owner, not a squatter. Own it all. Investment is minimal. Why cheap out on a few bucks? Why trade away your content for a few dollars?

Create content on owned buddy blogs, too. Expand your reach. Unless your buddy quits blogging, the content remains, pointing back to your self-hosted blog.

Invest money to own every piece of content you create and publish through your blog. Stop throwing away your efforts. Begin owning everything you do through your self-hosted blog.

Own your blog to open an unlimited amount of income streams too. Own your real estate to monetize your blog however you want to monetize your blog. Imagine a real estate mogul in the offline world. Wise business people invest money in land and buildings positioned on the land. Owning the land means you monetize the land – and buildings – however you wish to monetize the land and buildings. Own an apartment complex to collect monthly rent from 300 people. Own a large building to collect monthly rent from 20 companies. Invest money to build a hotel on the large parcel of land you own.

I recall an interesting story from a few years ago. A man who lived a simple life on his island in Asia found a hotel chain pitching him $100 million – more or less – to buy the island from him for building a luxury resort. He turned them down because he enjoyed his simple life and had no use for $100 million. But his story shows how owning your real estate gives you immense power in potentially – or actually – monetizing the real estate. He turned down $100 million but other people wishing to experience a different life would accept the $100 million to try out a more worldly life. Different strokes for different folks.

Imagine if he accepted the hotel chain’s offer. The chain would invest millions more in building a luxury resort. Over years, the luxury resort would net millions upon millions of dollars in revenue. The person who owned the hotel chain would monetize by offering room rentals, seminars, restaurant services and a massage service. Why? The hotel owner owns the land/real estate so this person can monetize the real estate however they wish to, within the bounds of the law.

Stop building other people’s empires. Begin building your own empire. Buy your domain and hosting. Own your blogging real estate. Publish helpful content on your blog. Build up the value of your real estate. Monetize through multiple income streams. Observe as your influence and income grows all because you invested money in YOUR blogging real estate.


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