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Do the Blogging Legwork Now 2
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The home inspector is checking the house out now. My wife and I are selling the home and plan to travel again.

Good deal.

I keep blogging. He lets us know what to do in terms of repairs. I keep blogging in the background while he fires off his report. Why? I enjoy setting the foundation for a solid blogging campaign. Blogging the right way by putting in the legwork for years creates lasting blogging success.

Imagine laying the foundation for a large, luxurious home. Builders lay out concrete to set a rock solid foundation for a big house. Each blog post, video and podcast sets up increasing success for me and greater service for you. We both win.

But I need to keep putting in the blogging legwork now in order to increase my blogging success.

Lay the foundation. Every blog post increases your exposure online. But you need to keep up with creating content to lay the bricks for a rock solid blogging foundation. Plus you need to keep it simple.

Do you know what I’ve done for the past 10 years online? I write posts, guest posts and publish podcasts and videos. Simple stuff. Putting in that simple legwork feels challenging sometimes.

I need to face deep fears. I need to be uncomfortable. Nobody succeeds by ducking their fears. All good though.

Facing your fears now allows you to free yourself over the long haul. What’s key? Keep doing simple things to put in the legwork now. Build a rock solid blogging foundation for lasting business success.

Seasoned bloggers follow certain steps to succeed, like building a rock solid foundation. Watch the video as I share 5 tips for experienced bloggers:

5 Tips for Seasoned Bloggers

Resist the Urge to Get Rich Quick

Resist urges to get rich quick. Stop chasing bright, shiny objects. Stop looking for overnight success. Put in the blogging legwork now to position yourself to succeed online. Pro bloggers work for free for quite a long time. Expect to work for free for a bit. Then expect to work for a bit of change. Then expect to make a good deal more money. Then expect to earn a full time income online.

Nobody takes short cuts to succeed in blogging. No one figured out how to get past the necessary steps to take in order to succeed online. I certainly took no short cuts. How could I? I could never succeed unless I paid my blogging dues. Paying my blogging dues involved working for years before I became:

  • skilled enough
  • visible enough
  • credible enough

to go pro. That’s the way it goes down. Why can I write and publish this guest post in 20 minutes? I blogged for a long time. I can write. I have confidence. I have clarity. All confidence, clarity and focus grew out of my years long commitment to blogging. Give. Get. Allow that idea to seep into your subconscious mind. Give freely. Persist. Receive easily, but only after paying your blogging business tuition

Paying your blogging business tuition involves investing a little money and a great deal of time, energy and service, in order to eventually go pro. Most bloggers quit before paying their full blogging tuition. I chose to see the journey through. Join me. See the blogging journey through. Create. Connect. Be generous.

Success finds generous bloggers. I learned this from many top professionals. People who reach the top of their niche help people for free over long periods of time. Helping people for free becomes necessary because doing so gives you critical practice, confidence and clarity. Skills do not develop without your full participation. Be all in. Blogging will be good to you.


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