Do Your Blogging Buddies Lift You Up or Tear You Down?

Do Your Blogging Buddies Lift You Up or Tear You Down? 2
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People do odd things when blogging mainly from an energy of fear.

Fear makes you do what you genuinely do not want to do. Why? Fear is illusion. Fear is not real. Being motivated by something not real pushes you to do something that is not real. Doing something not real feels weird….because…it is not real. But bloggers in your network motivated by fear do the even weirder thing of tearing down alleged blogging buddies.

Strange, right?

Been there. Really. Long ago, a few of my blogging buddies tore me down. I actually surrounded myself with this silliness. A few of these dingbats actually followed me around like puppies, begging and pleading for my attention, trying to make fun of me, calling me a hypocrite, and doing things mentally ill people do. Guess what? I eventually blocked these energetic anchors and decided to surround myself with uplifting, generous, genuine people.

All turned from that point going forward because you follow the path of your blogging buddies. Do you want to know where you are headed? Look at 5-10 of your closest blogging friends. Most nudge you in a similar direction because we see the world as we see ourselves. Seeing greatness in the world and self goads these folks to move you along in an awesome way.

Hang with people you admire. Befriend them. Blogging buddies you admire come to admire you. All types of blogging sweetness expands from there.

Do your blogging buddies largely lift you up? Yes? Good! Hold on to these gems. Give love to where you are loved….or….keep going back to where you are loved. But if blogging buddies criticize you needlessly or flat out fill your mind with negative ideas, telling you what seems impossible, lose these silly folks.

I recall a select few bloggers who loved what I did. Big fans. Then these folks turned south and began hating what I did. No problems. People can turn in a second and sour on my work. THAT was not the problem. But continuing to follow me, just to criticize me, suggested these individuals were about ready for a trip to the haha shack of haha shacks.

Why would you follow someone just to criticize their work needlessly? One dude actually picked apart an eBook of mine he professed to loving a while prior. Anyway, I released him and surrounded myself with heroes, but only after I learned to release former friends who turned sour. Let go the old and worn out to allow in the new, fun and freeing.

What if you were best friends with bloggers who turn south and get super negative? Release them. Change is life. Life is change. Let go the poor matches to make room for only good matches. Surround yourself only with uplifting, loving, supportive bloggers.

Be generous. Be genuine. Guaranteed, these folks flock to you like bees to honey. Yippee! More folks with similar minds will flow your way through word of mouth marketing. Friends help friends, and, refer you to their like-minded friends. Awesome. All came together because you let go the non-matches to make room for the good matches.

Blogging gets easier if you surround yourself only with folks who pick you up. So……do that. No sense blogging any other way because you are a product of your environment. Nobody is that good, to completely supersede their environment or friend network. We need to draw on those around us in times of need, to better energize ourselves for this long, sometimes challenging, blogging journey.

I know you are up to it!

Hang out with loving blogging buddies. Be with these friends. Hang out in environments of bloggers who routinely build you up. Pay close attention to your blogging surroundings. Immediately release bloggers who tear you down to make room for the blogging success builders out there to move in to your experience.


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