Why Not Look to Your Life for Blog Post Ideas?

Why Not Look to Your Life for Blog Post Ideas? 2
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I went for a walk with the dog a few moments ago.

Usually I jog for the 60-80 minutes. Today I jogged for 30 minutes and walked the rest of the time. Why? My calves felt sore. I may feel a little sore here and there but on waking today, I felt deep pain in my calves. Jogging daily for a few weeks feels good but my body needs to rest. I spotted the signals. I observed the warning signs. What happens if I push myself to jog even if my calves feel pained? Eventually, I would injure my calves or burnout and quit jogging. Can I benefit from jogging long term if I quit jogging? Nope. How many weeks would I be on the jogging shelf if I tear a calf? Weeks if not months.

My jogging experience is similar to my blogging experience. Anytime I feel run down, worn out or flat out borderline injured, from neck to back issues, I take a break. Taking breaks allows me to rest, refresh and recharge. Feeling energized allows me to dive back into blogging from energies of clarity, generosity, abundance and trust, helping me position myself to help more folks and to experience greater success. Right now, my neck feels as stiff as can be. I will write the post in a few minutes then get to bed, sleeping it off. I will do some yoga after that. Everything I do rest-wise energizes me to keep blogging for the long term. Resting is as important as working. Spotting the warnings signs indicating that you need to take a break is as important as blogging, working and getting after it.

Do you see how I nabbed a blog post idea from my life experience? Versus sitting here complaining about writer’s block, I observe one event from my day today and relate it to blogging. In truth, anyone can call on a steady stream of life events from their day and can relate one event to their blogging niche. Increase your powers of observation. Watch closely. Hone your skills for noting experiences. Build a watch list of experiences. Relate one experience to your blogging niche. Create and publish a blog post or guest post on the correlation.

Relating your life experiences to your blogging niche requires practice, a willingness to share details from your life, openness and some writing skills. I make analogies between my travel experiences and blogging after writing like the dickens for years. No one connects life experiences to their blogging niche unless the blogger writes confidently and clearly. Writing with confidence and clarity requires you to spend years practicing over many 1000s of hours.

Practicing writing for 1000s of hours tests your mettle. Prepare yourself to be uncomfortable. But gaining serious writing skills lets you publish blog posts on demand because you relate any one experience from your life to your blogging niche, at will. From there, blogging becomes easier and easier. Everyone has a rich storehouse of life experiences to recount. Nab a few, tie ’em to your blogging niche and create content. Do not obsess over finding experiences from reader’s, customer’s or client’s lives. Bloggers often recount customer experiences. All well and good but simply look a little closer at your life to do a better job publishing content from a prolific angle.


Building a profitable blog requires being generous, patient and persistent. Do you see how each quality begins within? Blogging really is between the ears.

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