1 Normal Aspect of Blogging

1 Normal Aspect of Blogging 2
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Hmmm….Racing Thoughts Syndrome paid me a visit a few moments ago.

I wanted to walk the dog. But I wanted to publish this guest post. Should I read and comment on another blog? Or should I create another video? Or should I record a podcast? What was I to do? The thoughts and accompanying feelings bubbled up in my being as anxiety. I felt a bit crazy. Welcome to being a professional blogger. Sometimes pros do feel crazy like every blogger or every human being. I do not think clearly all of the time. I think clearly some of the time.

I love blogging. I have fun blogging. But being a blogger reveals fears, anxieties, worries and my racing mind to me, sometimes. All are normal aspects of blogging and normal aspects of being a human being who is not a spiritual master. I do quite a bit of meditating, yoga and exercise. I expand my awareness a bit daily. But I am a human being suffering through his thoughts and feelings sometimes. But….I do not quit or flat out give up the moment my racing thoughts and worrisome feelings arise in my mind. Blogging reveals fears. I edge through the fears. Edging through fears feels quite uncomfortable. I wrote an eBook for that.

Do not cower from the normal blogging experience of observing racing thoughts and strong fears in your mind. We all go through it. I went through it this morning for a few moments. I simply ran the dog around the backyard, tired her out, tired myself out and my mind seemed to clear itself of racing thoughts and anxieties. I would estimate suffering through 5 minutes of racing thoughts and deep worries. I then ran the dog for 10 minutes. After walking back inside, I laid down for 5 minutes to simply relax. The racing thoughts and anxious feelings seemed to dissolve. Being dissolved, I sat down to write and publish this guest post.

Imagine if I threw away my entire blogging day solely because I feared facing 5 minutes of racing thoughts and worried emotions? What a waste, right? No one gets ahead by giving up at the drop of a hat. No one goes pro by surrendering after 5 minutes of racing thoughts and worries sprinting thru their minds. Writer’s block seems most aligned with these anxious fears and racing thoughts. Bloggers sit, try to write but the ideas do not flow. Nothing seems to work. Normal stuff. Natural stuff. But for odd reasons, blogger step away from the laptop and do not sit down to write a post again until next week. How do you go pro if you quit the moment racing thoughts and uncomfortable feelings sprint through your mind? How do you succeed if you do as unsuccessful bloggers do?

Facing racing thoughts sprinting through your mind like a raging, roaring rapids is normal, average and quite natural. Deal with it. Nudge through it. Facing fears manifest as worries and anxieties is a normal, average and quite natural side effect of blogging growth. Deal with it. Nudge through it. Blogging does get easier for me largely but I experience the normal event of facing racing thoughts and fears, here and there. My blogging day is not 8 hours of mental torture but in minutes, yeah, I face fears and racing thoughts just like any non-guru human being with a mind.

No worries; your racing thoughts and obstacles are not special to you, a burden preventing your pro blogging career. Relax. Edge into these energies. Dissolve fear. Fear is illusion. Proceed into fun, freeing and fulfilling mental environments as mental chaos dissolves into peace of mind, the perfect starting point for following a generous, genuine blogging campaign.

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