Why No One Cares About Your Blog

Why No One Cares About Your Blog 2
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Does nothing seem to be happening with your blogging campaign? Blogging for crickets feels agitating if not outright frustrating. I have been there. I know how bad this feels.

Does low traffic got ya down? Are your blogging profits slowing?

No one cares about your blog because you do not genuinely care about helping people.

Display great care in helping people. People care about your blog. The recipe is quite simple. You and I see caring people succeed in all walks of life. But being a caring person often involves facing deep fears related to money, love and other sensitive issues.

For example, most human beings become imprinted with the idea to get a job for paying bills. Imagine growing up believing one devotes most of their adult life to doing something they dislike doing solely to get money. Imagine trying to change that mindset into caring for others without expecting anything in return. In one moment, you demanded money in return for the distasteful job you work. In the next moment as a blogger, you need to deeply care for people by helping them without expecting anything in return.

Do you understand why blogging seems so hard? Bloggers face fear to change their mindset. Facing fear feels highly uncomfortable. A small portion of my ego fears giving freely, 14 years into my blogging career. But give I must because caring for people inspires people to care about me and my blogging help rendered through various channels online.

Either you care for others to gain interest in your blog or you do not care for others and folks never take an interest in your blog. Sit with this mirror effect to ID every struggle you suffered related to blogging. I genuinely held back for way too long this past year for various fears in my mind. I could have guest blogged 5-10 times daily over the 365 day stretch but chose otherwise. Since I cannot get that time back I decided to move forward from a more caring frame of mind a few weeks ago versus lamenting the past and my touch of a less caring demeanor.

But discomfort arises in my mind. I proceed. What other choice do I have? Either care to help or care less to help myself more and slow down the flow of people finding my blog. Everything depends on me. Everything depends on my mind.

Care deeply about people. Take a genuine interest in humanity. Frame blogging as a way to help people genuinely. Being truly helpful gives you the proper intent for engineering a caring, successful blogging campaign. Some bloggers care some for others but also care little for others through various aspects of their lives. In a way, bloggers love and hate themselves and the love-hate relationship manifests through a more caring and less caring blogging campaign.

Wade through the emotional minefield. Feel your fears. Clear your fears. Becoming more fearless positions you to be more caring because humans are caring, loving and accepting, by default. Being less caring only arises as the ego imprints fear and its constructs onto the mind, via platitudes related to getting a job solely to pay bills. Getting a job solely to pay bills means working a job almost predominantly because you care only about yourself and your family.

Caring about self and family alone will not get you too far in terms of your blogging campaign.


Do you need a little refresher on building a successful blogging campaign?

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