Do You REALLY Think Bloggers Will Publish that Comment?

Do You REALLY Think Bloggers Will Publish that Comment? 2
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I scanned the comments for this blog a few moments ago.

Someone dropped a comment about a dead body ambulance service.

Do you really believe someone tuning in to a blogging tips blog will come across the comment, read it, and all of a sudden realize that, even though they came here to get blogging tips, that they need an ambulance service for picking up dead bodies? Are you serious? Are you sane? Do you understand how many years you waste by trying to get dead body ambulance service links on blogging tips blogs?

The ego is insane. Not being sane, the ego deludes itself into believing unreality. One shining example of believing in unreality would be believing that readers interested in blogging tips would be a good audience to advertise an ambulance service to….especially if the service picks up dead bodies, per the keywords desired by the spam commentor.


Do you really think bloggers will publish spam comments? Do you believe bloggers even read spam comments, other than for a silly joke? I only read and mentioned the above spam comment for both:

  • humor
  • education

I got a nice chuckle out of reading the spam comment but also used it for a blogging education. But minus the chuckle, and education, 1,000,000’s of spam comments daily never see the light of day, let alone, never meet human eyes. Most spammers delete every single comment in spam and trash folders. I do not get that much spam or trash now but the day will come where I will need to delete virtually every single comment in spam and trash without checking or scanning both folders, for time sensitive purposes.

Think through your blog commenting campaign. Think through your blogging campaign. Do you pay cheap services to spam blogs with absurd comments? Stop investing in garbage. Begin investing in a genuine blogger outreach campaign. Read this post. Drop a genuine comment. Assist fellow bloggers. Be of service. Make friends. Grow your traffic and profits by being generous, genuine and detached about blogging.

My friend Venkat Randa networks generously, genuinely, patiently, persistently and tirelessly. I can set my clock to his dogged, diligent efforts. He understands the power of blogger outreach! Follow his lead. Be helpful. Promote fellow bloggers. Be of service. Earn credibility. Gain trust. Get connected. Move higher in blogging circles. Succeed. More importantly, let go silly, time-wasting, spammy practices destroying your blogging campaign.

In a way, spam comments almost do not exist in the mind of most bloggers. Think about it; most bloggers dump their spam and trash folders without even looking at their spam and trash folders. Imagine spending hours spamming comments on blogs only for bloggers to dump your spam comments without even looking at the folder housing the comments. Do you understand why spamming is a foolish way to even attempt to gain blogging exposure? No one even sees your blog comment in the backoffice. Forget about the front end; spam comments never get published on reputable blogs. Some spam comments sneak through to get published on less than reputable blogs but no one reads those blogs, anyway.

You will never build a reliable business on spam comments because business-building depends on establishing credibility. Spam comments reek of not being credible, trustworthy or worth more than a split second of your time.

Stop spamming. No credible, reputable blogger publishes spam comments. Instead of spamming, read blog posts, write genuine, generous blog comments and build relationships with successful bloggers in your niche. Bloggers befriend you, promote you, endorse you and expand your presence far wider than some lame, crumby spam comment no one ever sees, anyway.


Check out this reminder to be a more generous blogger:

How Generous Are You with Your Blog?

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