Do You Think Upside-Down as a Blogger?

Do You Think Upside-Down as a Blogger? 2
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Do you think upside-down compared to most bloggers?

Or do you follow the blogging herd? Do you think, feel and act like most bloggers? Why?

Following the blogging herd leads to failure because most think, feel and act in failing fashion. However, thinking upside-down allows you to think, feel and act like a successful blogger because you do the opposite of failing bloggers to be a successful blogger. For example, imagine intending to make your blog popular. The blogging herd thinks that putting ALL attention on yourself and your blog is the way to become a popular blogger. But the blogging herd fails in this endeavor because people do not tend to like, trust or follow:

  • self-centered
  • selfish
  • greedy


Do you enjoy following a blogger who talks about themselves all day long? Or do you prefer following a blogger who talks about other bloggers and their readers at least some of the time? Promoting yourself is A-OK; go for it! But promoting other bloggers is the way to become a more popular blogger.

What? Does promoting others to become popular sound a bit nuts?

Actually, this is the upside-down thinking necessary to embody if you want to be a successful blogger. Most bloggers think only about promoting themselves to be popular bloggers. But most bloggers fail because few if any trust or follow self-centered bloggers. However, thinking upside-down reveals that promoting OTHER bloggers is the way to make YOUR blog popular. Why? Promoting other bloggers builds your blogger buddy network. Making tons of blogging friends inspires blogging buddies to promote your blog. Influencing 10, 20 or 50 blogging buddies to promote your blog – through generously promoting these bloggers – makes your blog popular.

Thinking upside-down is similar to thinking in reverse. If most bloggers appear to think and act in certain ways you think and act oppositely. Most fail. You succeed. For example, most bloggers fail by trying to write and publish viral blog posts every time they publish a post. I think and blog oppositely; I write simple, helpful blog posts to develop a viral online presence. My 55,000 plus Blogging From Paradise backlinks germinate within the blogging tips niche because I do simple, basic things generously. Virtually all of those viral post attempts gain little to no exposure because the complex, difficult actions offered stingily make no impact in the blogging tips niche.

Most think, feel and act like bloggers trying to hit a grand slam for every single blog post. I think, feel and act like a blogger who hits singles again and again for 1000’s of hours spanning 14 years online. I trend toward building a viral online presence; bloggers tend to see me all over the place. Most bloggers languish, struggle and fail online by trying to hit a grand slam and failing, rarely seen, if seen at all.

Think, feel and act the opposite way of how most bloggers think, feel and act if you want to succeed. Pay close attention to professional bloggers. Observe how pros behave far unlike almost all bloggers. Pros blog:

  • generously
  • patiently
  • persistently

while most blog stingily, impatiently and with little persistence. Think upside-down compared to most bloggers. Succeed.


Successful bloggers mindfully spot patterns because pros think upside-down compared to more mindless, struggling bloggers completely ignorant of patterns.

For example, I just noted how this video netted 132 views on Rumble through completely organic, passive growth.

Spotting this pattern goaded me to……spot this pattern.

Check out the video for an important blogging reminder:

Spot Blogging Patterns

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