Why Force Blogging Income through One Stream?

Why Force Blogging Income through One Stream? 2
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I wrote an eBook:

15 Ways to Make Money Blogging

to foster different ways to profit through your blog. I see you being more creative after buying, reading and using the eBook to profit. Sometimes we box ourselves in. Bloggers figure opening Adsense is an easy way to profit online. But after getting approved, something rough happens. Bloggers try to force income through one Adsense stream. Guess what happens after that? Bloggers make 13 cents through Adsense for this month, 47 cents next month and 4 cents the following month.

Frustrated, these bloggers quit. Why? No money in blogging, they believe. But you can open 300 income streams through your blog, and prosper more freely. If you wanted to do so. Opening so many streams detaches you from any single stream. Now, you cease trying to force blogging income through any one channel. Now, you feel abundant, detached and trusting. And yes, now you note blogging income increasing through unexpected channels.

Fishing Analogy

Imagine tossing one fishing line in the water. Wait. Wait some more. Frustration arises. No fish bit on this ONE line. But tossing in 5 lines spread out over 20 yards instantly increases the chances of catching one fish because 5 lines spread out covers a wider area. Covering a wider area allows for more bites because more fish see your bait and bite it.

Think of blog monetizing in a similar vein. Someone stops by your blog. Scans your 10 eBooks. None catch their attention; not a reader. But the person loves listening to audio books. Since you converted all eBooks to audio book, the reader finds your audio book link, clicks and buys. Profits earned. All because you put more lines in the blogging water.

Imagine someone not preferring audio books or eBooks but loving audio courses. Good thing you created an audio course. Purchase made. Good thing you put more blogging lines in the water.

Visualize someone who has zero interest in buying eBooks, audio books or courses, but who’d love to buy ad space on your blog. A few emails later, you place their sponsored posts and make more money blogging. More income channels = more likelihood that you make money blogging.

But you never make this realization if you desperately try to force income through one blogging stream.

Blog Abundantly

Blog with abundance in mind. Be as generous as possible with yourself and your readers by opening as many income streams as humanly possible. I know of a self help guru who opened over 220 income streams, I believe. Some net a few bucks each month. Some net tens of thousands of dollars each month. The man is a multi millionaire because he makes money abundantly through 220 income channels.

Adopt his abundant mindset.

Begin slowly rolling out blogging income channels. Start with affiliate marketing. Slowly add eBooks to your campaign. Convert to paperback and audio book; 2 more income streams. Create courses. Open your blog to sponsored posts.

I suggest adding one income channel every 1-3 months to get things cooking. Give yourself an opportunity to profit. More importantly, stop being so attached to any one income channel because adding options makes life easier, while reducing options makes life tougher.

Think of the average human being; we all have varied preferences. Some of my readers love my eBooks. Some prefer my audio books. Some like my courses. Others want my coaching. Some hire me for my freelance writing skills. Others buy sponsored posts on my blog. Cater to individual needs in order to better help folks and also to prosper more handsomely through your blog.

We want to prosper you. Give us the chance by adding more and more income channels to your blog. Variety really is the spice of life. Pads your pockets, too.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Why Force Blogging Income through One Stream?”

  1. Hey Ryan,
    You nailed it very well.

    Yes there are lot of ways to monetize blogging like Affiliate marketing, consulting calls, services etc.

    Most beginners focus on one stream and they quit like you said.

    Thats why we have to read the authority blogs in your niche. Then we come to know the real strategies.

    Thank you Ryan for this amazing post.

    Keep bring such awesome fruits.

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