Do You Assume or Ask Blogging Questions?

Do You Assume or Ask Blogging Questions? 2
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I find it odd how few bloggers ask me about my daily routine.

Why do few bloggers wonder what makes me tick?

Most bloggers assume I am gifted, talented, lucky, a natural. Most bloggers assume everything comes easily too me. Some know I follow a diligent daily energy management ritual to face fears, to feel fears and to blog mainly from love. But these folks are few and far between.

Hey; fools assume, and wise people ask.


  • meditate for 30 minutes
  • do Kriya yoga for 50 minutes
  • exercise for 90 minutes
  • do yin yoga for 70 minutes
  • take a 30 second icy cold shower

daily. THIS routine makes me tick because each technique expands my awareness, allowing me to face, feel and release fear, freeing me to follow my fun. Writer’s block? Not for me. I have not fears fueling writer’s block. Any blocks? Not too many for me. Why? I face, feel and release fears fueling most blogger blocks, so I do what few bloggers do, like publishing 10-12 posts daily.

Never Assume

Never assume anything about bloggers you admire. Never assume blogging is easy or effortless for them because no one is a genuine blogging natural. We all practice, face fear, follow our passion and trust, to succeed. Plus, most of us follow some strict mindset ritual daily to follow fun while facing fear. Just the way it is.

Fools assume silly ideas about bloggers, handcuffing themselves with limiting beliefs. Loons assume I am a naturally gifted, prolific writer. If you assume this, you genuinely believe you can never be a gifted, prolific writer, because you are not a natural, not being born with writing talent.

Guess what? I wrote millions and millions and millions of words over 15,000 hours of my life. That is why I appear to be gifted and prolific. How would you figure this out? Ask me! Never assume anything! Now you know; writing millions of words makes you gifted and prolific, and no, no writing pixie sprinkles dust on your dome, making you a talented blogger, in an instant.

Don’t Be Shy

I wrote an eBook to help you avoid dangerous blogging assumptions. Buy it here:

8 Dangerous Assumptions to Make About Successful Bloggers

Don’t be shy. Buy it. Read it. Own any assumptions you make. Then, ask specific questions to get the truth about successful bloggers, versus making crippling, foolish assumptions about these pros.

Ask to get the truth. Ask to get answers. Nobody gets ahead in the blogging world by being shy, retiring or meek. Be bold. Be clear. Ask bloggers for advice. Ask top bloggers what course or eBook of theirs you should buy in order to succeed. Blogging gets a whole lot easier if you are willing to get the 411 from successful bloggers. Blogging gets harder if you assume because assuming generally pulls you away from the truth, into the realm of falsehoods.

Never fear asking questions because you do not want to look stupid. Unintelligent people avoid feeling stupid but guarantee their failure. Perhaps you preserve ego. But your blog traffic and profits remain low because your fear of being criticized is far greater than your desire to get the blogging truth.

Ask Me

Go ahead. Fire away. I do not have time to answer every question but I usually point you in the direction of a resource or eBook or course to address the question with a solution. All gets easier if you ask pros how to blog because pros give you successful pro blogging advice. Pros also bring clarity to the blogging discussion by cutting through confusion and muddled ideas brought up by making silly assumptions.

Ask. Get answers. Get the truth. Proceed from an informed, intelligent energy as you evolve into being a successful blogger.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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