Why Do You Expect Blogging Success without Being a Successful Blogger?

Why Do You Expect Blogging Success without Being a Successful Blogger? 2
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Being a successful blogger means:

  • putting in the work
  • putting in the time
  • being generous
  • being patient
  • being persistent

Being this type of blogger feels highly uncomfortable sometimes but wading through discomfort is the difference maker between amateur and professional bloggers. Amateurs expect blogging success but do not BE a pro blogger for a sustained period of time. Being a successful blogger means working for free for a long time until professional blogger income arrives. Most amateurs do not tolerate these years spanning thousands of free blogging hours. You and I have been conditioned to expect pay for work because most learn to think, feel and act like an employee who expects money for serviced rendered.

Either you tolerate this period of free blogging work or you quit because you have not made much money through blogging. Amateurs who tolerate this free work period BE the successful blogger for this stretch to BECOME a pro blogger after the free work stretch. Everyone else never goes pro.

Being truly helpful as your intent guides you through dry spells. No one pays me directly for any guest post I wrote and placed for many years. Since I intend to be genuinely helpful I write and place guest posts diligently to keep working for free. Each post helps more people. Every post also increases backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise. Helping more people and increasing backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise expands my presence.

Help people freely but never expect professional blogging results overnight. How can you expect to be a professional blogger if you are not being the pro blogger who puts in a pro effort well before becoming a professional? Every amateur works for free before going pro. All amateurs pay their dues. Amateur bloggers pay their dues by being a pro before becoming a pro.

As for time frames, dwelling on the idea of creating and connecting for 100’s to 1000’s of hours then more grounds you in reality. Be a pro during these 100’s to 1000’s of hours by helping people for free well before earning a pro blogging income. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Face fears like wasting time, squandering energy and all anxieties every pro faces during their amateur days. I never met a pro who sported supreme confidence in their blogging self for the entire blogging journey. Every pro doubted themselves here and there during amateur hours. Even pros exhibit self-doubt in moments because humans sometimes doubt themselves and their skills even if said humans become highly-skilled pros.

Be a generous helper. Think of ways to serve readers. Podcast. Guest post. Tune into reader problems. Provide solutions through your blog content. Publish videos. Be a pro by helping people for free through uncomfortable periods. Become a professional blogger by wading through fears related to not making money or driving traffic quickly enough. We all face these fears. No one avoids facing these fears. I still need to talk myself into being patient in moments since I am a human prone to feeling fear. Knowing this may give you patience with your impatience if you feel frustrated by a lack of tangible blogging success.

Be a professional blogger well before becoming a pro blogger but beware expecting pro results if you barely put in work. Blogging is no cakewalk. Blogging never seems to be coasting through effortlessness. Every blogger puts in work before succeeding. Trade expectations for genuinely helping people. Being helpful instead of looking for returns conditions you to be a successful blogger before going pro.

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Ryan Biddulph shares smart blogging tips at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Why Do You Expect Blogging Success without Being a Successful Blogger?”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    Good to hear from you again via BlogCD
    I fully agree with you that, blogging success fully depends on your consistent hard work. Only a hard working blogger can be a successful blogger in this industry.
    The concluding part is worth notable., “Being helpful instead of looking for returns conditions you to be a successful blogger before going pro.”
    Yes, be helpful always with the fellow beings without expecting a quick return. Success follow suit!
    That’s the crux of it!
    Thanks Ryan for sharing these points to ponder.
    ~ Phil

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