What Blogging Ideas Can You Tie Together?

What Blogging Ideas Can You Tie Together? 2
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I brainstormed ideas for this guest post.

After a few moments I visited my blog, scanned this post:

Blogging Ideas Seized and Used Multiply

and wrote this guest post based on a similar topic. I tied together one Blogging From Paradise post to this guest post on Blog CD. Perhaps I can tie the same idea to a podcast for creating another piece of helpful content to expand presence. Bloggers make blogging complex. Some try desperately to write fresh, new content not based on similar content but on a genuine, one of a kind idea new to blogging. Mental blocks follow. Bloggers sit on the cyber sidelines. Bloggers complain about having no ideas to blog but I gave you ideas to blog via:

  • the topic of this guest post
  • the topic of the Blogging From Paradise post

Ideas wait to be tied together for you to become prolific. Anyone can seize and use ideas to create new content based on ideas. No one needs to create content completely unique as far as subject matter. Note; I also linked to the blog post above to literally tie ideas together from an outbound linking perspective. However, I also link to Blog CD posts like this:

When Blogging Gets Easier and Tougher

because tying ideas to other ideas on blogs creates a rich user experience and sound inter-linking strategy pleasing to Google and traffic metrics. Nikola Roza explains via this guest post on Lisa’s blog:

Internal Linking for SEO – Advanced Strategies for Better Ranking

the many sweet benefits of linking internally.

Tie ideas together. Read blog posts to get ideas for new content or for updating old content. Read blog posts for internal and external linking. Versus trying to dig deep into your mind to find ideas just grab inspiration by following fellow bloggers. Seize one of their blog post titles. Edit the title to make it different. Write and publish a blog post or guest post. Feel free to link to blog posts to give bloggers credit and to tie ideas together, literally. Google and readers alike appreciate a relevant, valuable cobweb of information tied together by mindful bloggers intent on engineering a seamless, rich user experience.

Picture any reader who clicks through to each of the above links. Since I made each link open in a new window, Sazzadul enjoys the benefit of increasing time onsite for each of these visitors. Google favors blogs whose visitors spend time onsite because this proves site owners hit the mark with their content. Anytime someone keeps your site open, the potential for business increases. Think about people spending more time in offline, brick and mortar stores; buying potential increases.

Dwelling on the simple concept of tying ideas together put everything into motion.

How can you better tie ideas together as a means of becoming prolific? How can you tie ideas together more skillfully to create a smarter internal and external linking structure? Play around with these ideas to brainstorm for a few moments. Tying these ideas together boosts your prolific nature and creates a better user experience. But meditating on this idea is the starting point of connecting ideas to benefit readers and yourself.

Be an idea-tying machine to:

  • increase visitor time spent onsite
  • improve your SEO
  • enrich user experience
  • increase traffic
  • increase business

Spend time internally and externally linking. Find inspiration by following blogs to tie ideas together. Increase your blogging success by learning the skill of linking concepts for the benefit of all.


Check out this video if you need a nudge to keep creating:

Keep on Creating

2 thoughts on “What Blogging Ideas Can You Tie Together?”

  1. Hi Ryan, some days I do so well with the brainstorming, and other days I stall out like this morning. I have a blog post-half-finished and am struggling with the research for the rest of it.
    I will come up with another and move on! Thanks for the mention and motivation!

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