Do You Hang on to Blogging Hurt?

Do You Hang on to Blogging Hurt? 2
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After driving for 10 hours someone beeped at me on the highway. The individual leaned on the horn then sped ahead of me quite quickly.

I had no idea why.

Hurt arose in my mind. Mild anger, slight agitation and even annoyance surfaced. I felt the emotions. I let the hurt go. I felt good after feeling hurt emotions in my mind and letting go these feelings. I commenced with being helpful.

Proceeding from a helpful energy feels easy if I feel good. But life has not always been this way. I used to hold on to serious blogging hurt, clinging to unhappy, critical clients, late or non payers and any imagined form of blogging injury. Clinging to people who I imagined hurt me made me feel bad. Feeling bad made me not too helpful. Being not too helpful perpetuated my blogging struggles.

If you cling to past hurt you dissolve present power to be truly helpful. Holding on to blogging pain perpetuates blogging struggle, now. Facing, feeling and releasing past hurt forgives your world to the point of feeling good enough to be genuinely helpful. Being truly helpful accelerates your blogging success.

I faced fears concerning past hurtful experiences because all perceived hurt is in the mind, being imagined. People simple do as people do. How you picture people doings depends on ideas in your mind. Digging deeper into your mind roots out the hurt holding you back. I felt fears of being robbed or cheated to let go the imagined hurt allegedly impressed upon me from clients who did not pay for my blogging services. The ego hated letting these folks go but the ego is the source of blogging failure. How could I lose anything by partially losing the source of my blogging failure?!

Letting go past hurt makes you helpful in the present. Being helpful in the present gives you ideas for helping people. Helping people through blogging, guest blogging, genuine blog commenting and authentic blogger outreach increases your blogging success. The equation feels simple to master logically. Help to succeed. But past emotional hurts appear to prevent you from helping people now. However, one needs to face each hurt to be free of perceived slights. Being free of imagined slights breaks shackles preventing you from helping people, here and now.

Release the past experience of a client appearing to stiff you. Be generous now. Let go the negative eBook reviewer. Be truly helpful now by solving reader problems through content. I wrote this guest post now to be helpful. But I released ample past grievances to be persistently helpful because each weight from the past long gone had to go, to free myself to be helpful. Carrying the grievance and its adjoining guilt seemed even more foolish because who wants to carry around leaden weights to fail versus letting go the weights to help and succeed?

Let go hurt to be helpful now. Release the past to be generous in the present.


Letting go the past demands that you make a clear, definite decision now.

What decisions did you make today?

Check out this video reminder:

What Decisions Did You Make Today?

The biggest step to follow is to frame all blogging hurt as an hallucination created by your ego. No one can truly hurt you because all perceived hurt is a thought in the ego mind. Understanding how no one can hurt your thoughts removes both the fears fueling hurt and the hurt itself. As forgiveness unfolds, blogging hurt beats a hasty retreat.

Being truly helpful unfolds organically as you let go past grievances imagined in your mind.

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