Why Do Blogspot Bloggers Tend to Struggle?

Why Do Blogspot Bloggers Tend to Struggle? 2
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Being popular and highly successful on Blogspot is impossible.


Anytime you use Blogspot, you brand Blogspot and make Blogpost successful, but you do not brand yourself and make yourself successful. Giving your attention and energy to blogging on a blog that is fully stamped with the Blogspot brand is a foolish endeavor. I would go as far to say that you are not even a blogger; you are just a Blogspot user. Does this seem harsh? Nope. I tell you the truth to save you headaches down the road.

Being online for a decade exposed me to a plethora of horror stories involving bloggers who blogged on free platforms – like Blogspot – for years. One day, the folks over there decide to close down your free blog because……they can. Free platform owners shut down blogs at any moment for any reasons. Blogging on free platforms is a lesson in insanity if you intend to be a thriving, professional blogger. Why attempt to build your blogging foundation on quicksand?

I used a few Blogpost blogs a decade ago, in addition to my self-hosted blog at the time, a WordPress dot org blog. Every one of these free blogs carried a domain name with blogname.blogspot.com, meaning every single blog post directed readers to see the blogspot.com domain name. Guess who that brands? Blogger.

How can you become successful if you devote virtually all of your attention and energy to creating content for Blogger aka Blogspot aka Google? You cannot become successful doing this. Impossible venture. You do succeed in promoting Blogspot, in building their brand, but you succeed in no other venture because the only way you genuinely become super successful is by:

  • owning your domain and hosting
  • owning your online real estate
  • owning your brand
  • monetizing intelligently by owning your blog

YOU become successful by giving 100% of your attention and energy to branding you and/or your blog by owning the blog and by creating and connecting generously. Be an owner. Be the CEO of your blog. Be the CEO of your brand. Stop messing around with free platforms for blogging. Stop being a user on these free platforms. Begin blogging the right way. Own your domain and hosting to blog intelligently and successfully.

Nothing good happens online sans a financial investment, blogging-wise. Invest money in your blog to make money through your blog. No blogger succeeds with no financial investment because the split second you use a free platform you become the property of the free platform owner. Guess who owns all content you create on Blogspot? Blogspot, or Google. Guess who can kick you off your blog and take it offline at any time, for any reason in their terms of service? Blogspot, aka, Google. Guess who owns your blog, your brand and your content? Blogspot aka Google. How can you ever succeed if someone else owns your blog, your content and your brand? Kinda lacking credibility, if this is the case, right?

Buy your domain and hosting. Invest in your blog. Invest in your brand. Own your blog. Own your business. Forget buying some cred; you can monetize through virtually unlimited income streams via your self-hosted, WordPress dot org blog. How sweet does that sound, right? Owning your online real estate opens up worlds of profitable opportunities for you and your blogging buddies. Everybody wins. We all profit because you decided to invest a little money in owning your domain and hosting. Make that decision to free yourself from free platform owners. Stop cyber squatting on their online real estate. It is impossible to succeed on a free blogging platform, anyway.


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