What Blogging Connections Have You Outgrown?

What Blogging Connections Have You Outgrown? 2
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From time to time, every blogger needs to prune their network.

Life is change. The person – and blogger – you were 5 years ago is quite different than the person and blogger you are today.

I have connected with many tens of thousands of people through:

  • social media
  • blogs
  • forums

over the years. Guess what? I recently began a mass unfollow a few days ago because I outgrew many of the connections. Every human is A-OK but I have time to give to people who earned my trust and who gained the right to my attention span. Everyone else is cool but I dissolve the connections because I outgrew the connections.

In the movie Wall Street, the main character Gordon Gekko is a stock market billionaire who explained in one scene how 100 deals cross his desk daily but he only chooses one. Opportunities flow to him around the clock but he ignores virtually all of them save 1 deal that seems most attractive to him. He has posture. He also said he is rich enough NOT to waste time.

Being a posturing blogger means unfollowing or unfriending all bloggers and/or readers who have grown in a different direction than you because you cannot grow being anchored down by old, worn out relationships. Both parties need a clean break for the good of both parties. But releasing worn out bonds through unfollows and unfriending often feels uncomfortable because you fear:

  • rejection
  • criticism
  • judgment

from the blogger you choose to unfriend. On a deeper level, you fear loss of business and loss of traffic because you mistakenly identified a specific group of human beings as the source of your business and traffic. But if you realize that your mind and its riches is the source of your wealth you more comfortably release people you no longer vibe with.

I spent the past 2 days unfollowing and unfriending 1000s upon 1000s of people because although nice, I simply never chatted-engaged a high percentage of these folks and a decent chunk began filling my main stream with news updates. I do not follow the news through major media; I certainly choose not to follow the news through social media. I prefer to solely get helpful blogging information and inspiration through my friend network via blogs, social media and forums. Knowing this, I need to release connections who share content consistently other than blogging information and inspiration.

Be respectful of your time and energy. Observe the blogging connections you have long outgrown. Pinpoint people who may be awesome but who you lost resonance with. Pay particularly close attention to people you simply never:

  • DMed
  • @replied
  • enaged via comments
  • Messaged

to dissolve these connections via unfollows or unfriending. Never see the dissolving as personal. People move in and out of relationships all of the time offline. Naturally, people move in and out of relationships all of the time, online. Everything is about flux, transition and moving in new, freeing directions benefitting both parties. But you need to make the decision to release folks in order to move in fulfilling directions for both parties.

Let go who needs to be let go in order to give all of your attention and energy to loving blogging buddies, loyal readers, customers and clients. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to people who help you succeed through their persistent engagement to experience greater and greater blogging success.


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