Be Careful Who You Trust in Blogging and Life

Be Careful Who You Trust in Blogging and Life 2
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A large collection of people in the US feel happy now because one human being will be sitting in a house for 4 years.

Many people trust one specific person sitting in a house for 4 years – a temporary worker – will change their life in some profound way. Perhaps the person will create change in the life of individuals but only because they give the person their power, their trust and their decision of choice.

No matter what one human being sits in a house for 4 years in Washington D.C., I trust myself and my intuition more than anyone else because only I – and my gut – have my best interests at heart. Unfortunately, most people have enough fear in their minds that they cannot think clearly, trust themselves little, fill themselves with doubts and trust other humans to make life better for them.

Be careful who you trust in life. Be just as careful who you trust in blogging. Blogging is challenging, uncomfortable and quit scary sometimes. Navigating through this minefield of blogging obstacles feels incredibly difficult sometimes. Trusting any blogger who you stumble across proves to be a mistake because trusting unverified sources of knowledge who may not have your best interests at heart actually adds:

  • obstacles
  • difficulties
  • roadblocks
  • problems
  • stresses
  • worries

to your blogging campaign.

Imagine struggling to land a guest post on an authority blog. Perhaps you come across a blogger who appears to have at least a little bit of success. She or he seems to have it together a little bit. After emailing the blogger for outreach advice the individual claims how cold pitching 100 bloggers daily via email with a generic template is the quickest, easiest way to land a guest post on an authority blog.

But after 3 months of emailing 100 bloggers daily you’ve had no luck. What gives? You foolishly trusted a blogger teaching mindless, generic, dated outreach tactics that virtually never work for landing posts on top blogs. The blogger lied to you but you made the silly error of handing over your trust way too easily. Why did you take them at their word? Why did the blogger appear to be credible to you? Did the blogger earn your trust through their dazzling content, valuable eBooks and robust courses?

Be careful about who you trust blogging-wise because trusting unsuccessful bloggers who offer failing advice guarantees your blogging failure. A decent percentage of failing bloggers fail because said bloggers trust failing bloggers who offer bad advice. Whose fault is this failure? Ultimately, you need to be fully responsible because you rushed ahead and decided to trust someone who had no idea what they were talking about. Did the blogger hold a gun to your head to trust their advice? Nope.

Never implicitly trust anyone – online or offline – until the individual earns your trust over a sustained period of time. Be patient in doling out trust. Allow someone to earn your trust. Let the individual prove their skills, expertise and credibility to you. From there, you can begin to slowly but surely trust their strategies, putting their blogging advice into action based on what techniques resonate with you.

Simply be all about open-ness with a good deal of discernment mixed in. Find the delicate balance between the two in order to follow good advice persistently in order to become a successful blogger.


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