Do You Work With or Against Pro Bloggers?

Do You Work With or Against Pro Bloggers? 2
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One of the worst aspects of imagining blogging competition is choosing to go against pro bloggers versus working with these individuals.

Do you work with or against professional bloggers? Working with pros makes life easier because 2 people get more done combined versus 1 person trying to do things solo. Team work makes the blogging dream work. Working with professional bloggers makes blogging easier because 2 bloggers co-promoting each other expand their presence through leveraging. One blogger expands the other blogger’s presence by sharing their content on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

For odd reasons, most bloggers choose to believe in the idea of competition. Versus working with pros to co-create success this crowd chooses to imagine other bloggers going against bloggers. Imagine deciding to believe that a fellow pro blogger steals your traffic? Why would you believe this foolish idea in a Universe of abundance? Shortages do not exist in a Universe sans limits. However, the human mind mired in fear believes in lack, limitation and competition due to delusional ego. Picture me fearing Sazzadul as some form of blogging competition. My ego-fear would scare me into fearing he could take or steal my blog traffic. Fearing him as competition, I would never guest post on Blog CD. Not guest posting on Blog CD would have robbed me of steady blog traffic. But I also would have not driven any traffic to his blog on a passive basis.

Thank goodness I chose to guest post on this excellent blog a while back to help Sazzadul and myself. I chose to work with him because a rising tide lifts all ships. Each guest post I write and publish here drives traffic to my blog and Blog CD. We both win, as bloggers. But my readers win and his readers win because I promote and he promotes anytime I publish a guest post here. We never could help each other succeed if we chose to work against one another but deciding on this idea seems to be sheer madness, to me. Why would anyone choose to go against a blogger in mind if doing so only makes blogging tougher?

Being with and for pro bloggers makes blogging a team effort. Teams do the work of many bloggers. Pros expand your presence beautifully because pros boast large, loyal audiences. Lisa Sicard promoted me recently via a guest post published by Gail Gardner at Grow Map. We all win. Lisa, Gail and me benefit as we co-promote the blog post to our readerships. But noting Lisa and Gail also benefits Sazzadul as linking to fellow bloggers from blogs lays the foundation for prospering blogging friendships.

Competition is fear created by ego in a world of pure abundance. Stop fearing that a pro blogger can actually steal traffic in a Universe where nothing seems bound by any limits. Work with pro bloggers to co-create success freely. Established bloggers do the work of 10 amateurs who try to do it all, solo. Pros also yield serious clout; one tweet from a veteran can boost your blogging credibility quickly.

Working with pro bloggers involves reaching out with a handout. Be generous. Assist pros without looking for anything in return to gain the trust of pros. Tap the retweet button. Share posts on Facebook. Link to professionals frequently. No one succeeds solo. Befriending pros increases the chances of succeeding more quickly. Think about Lisa linking to me on Grow Map. Every Grow Map reader who reads the post can potentially click through to my blog to learn more about what I do and how I can help readers. Lisa’s readers may also click through because she freely promotes all of her guest posts. Sazzadul freely promotes his posts, further increasing the chances that Lisa and Gail receive greater exposure.

Stop trying to go against pros who would gladly work with you to accelerate your collective success.

Tap into blogging teamwork to make your life easier and to help fellow bloggers.

About the Author

Ryan Biddulph helps you to become a pro blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

4 thoughts on “Do You Work With or Against Pro Bloggers?”

  1. You are absolutely right – collaboration is far more powerful than competing. Getting mentioned or published on another site introduces more people to what you do. And they may then decide to become regular readers of your site, too.

    I encourage small businesses to also collaborate because they can expand awareness which can increase demand for what they all sell.

    It is preferable to create a larger pie than fight over one that is limited in size.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    It’s always better when people can collaborate and work together. Not be divided and each doing their own thing with their heads in the sand 🙂 Right?
    We help one another and others by collaboration. Thank you for the mention in your example.

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