Why Be Picky in Choosing Clients?

Why Be Picky in Choosing Clients? 2
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Never accept any client who comes down the cyber pike.

Be picky.

All money flows from within your consciousness. Never see clients as the source of your wealth. All wealth flows from the within to the without; this is always the case. But some bloggers err in accepting and working with anyone who inquires about their work. Accepting any potential client without screening the client, their personality, their needs and if your services match their needs, indicates you vibe mainly from fear and loss in terms of money energy versus vibing from love and gain.

Picking bad matches leads to headaches down the road. Perhaps the client demands a ridiculous amount of work out of you for a mere 100 or 500 bucks. Or maybe the client refuses to pay you. Maybe the client changes their demands mid project. I have almost always worked for sensational clients who served as awesome matches.

I only worked for 2 poor matches during my decade online because I tend to be picky in choosing who I work with and for. I ignored my intuition for one of the clients and quickly learned my lesson. Believe it or not, you choose who you work for and with. Freelancers choose clients because freelancers ultimately agree to work or do not agree to work with and for clients. Seize that power. Have posture. Know your power. Know your skills. Letting go a poor match allows a better match to come along. Letting go a bad match just allows you to make more money through other channels.

This is why I suggest opening multiple streams of income – buy my eBook for publishing eBooks – because one needs feel prospering and abundant to be picky about choosing clients. Even the most confident people feel a tinge of doubt on releasing a potential client, knowing that even poor matches usually pay out. People fear turning down money but how about turning down a headache to make room for easier, more enjoyable money? Every time you have posture, clarity and a general intent to enjoy the ride, releasing one client creates space for money to flow to you through multiple streams of income.

Have faith in yourself. Know how success is yours. Be generous and genuine. Have posture. Never work with a client that does not feel right, in your gut, because your intuition always knows the best path for you, and often this involves having enough clarity to release poor matches in order to make room for good matches. Never invest attention and energy in a client who does not seem to be on the same page as you. Be firm. Be polite, but clear. Potential clients who seem to be non-matches may hound you or chase you down to work for them. Release them to make room for good matches who help you prosper.

I released a client months ago even after we vibed and prospered one another. He made some errors I looked past prior but eventually I saw the need to release him and the job in order to prosper more, to have more fun and to let him have his experiences without me. Nothing personal. We both won-prospered through my chosen release.

How do you choose to not work with a client if you are not making huge bucks? Realize how every prospering blogger needed to have posture BEFORE making big money. Money flows to you based on your clarity, faith, knowing and posture when you appear NOT to have a bunch of money. Be posturing now, relax, trust in yourself and trust in the process to profit with your clients and to enjoy the ride online.

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