What to Do Before Asking for a Pro Blogger Endorsement

What to Do Before Asking for a Pro Blogger Endorsement 2
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Help the pro blogger for a really long time.

Ask for nothing in return for your help, for a really long time.

Gain the trust of the pro blogger.

Then, endorsements from pros either flow to you organically – with no ask on your part – or, with an ask, but only after you help pros for free for a long time and ask for nothing from said pros for a long time. Do most bloggers take this approach? No way. Most do not help pros, come in as strangers, and as a stranger, ask a professional blogger for their endorsement. How can a pro blogger endorse a stranger? How can a pro blogger endorse someone they:

  • do not know?
  • do not follow?
  • do not trust?

I cannot endorse anyone I do not know, follow or trust because I have no idea if the blogger has skills, if the blogger is credible, if the blogger is trustworthy and if I resonate with the blogger’s teachings. I can heartily endorse a highly skilled blogger who patiently paid their blogging dues, who built a relationship with me over years, and who earned my trust over years. But I cannot endorse anyone else because until I know you, follow you and trust you, I cannot both support you and allow my name, image and words to be attached to your blog and brand, via my endorsement.

What would endorsing a stranger look like?

“I endorse John Doe blogger. I have no idea what they do, who they are, and if they are skilled, and trustworthy, or not, but I wholeheartedly believe you should follow this stranger who I do not know. ” ~ Ryan Biddulph

Does that sound like a credible endorsement on my part? Do I sound like a trusted blogger? What would you think of me if I told you to trust a stranger who I did not know, follow or trust? I would look like a fool. The blogger would look like a fool too for publishing such a silly, absurd endorsement.

Fans Do Not Get Automatic Endorsements

I deeply appreciate fans of my blog; I love you guys.

But an increasing number of Blogging From Paradise fans seem to ask me for my endorsement of them, their skills and their blogs. Unfortunately, 95% of these bloggers are loving fans but strangers to me because these fans have rarely:

  • engaged me on social media
  • emailed me to chat
  • bought my eBooks and messaged me of their purchase
  • bought my courses and messaged me of their purchase

Just because you love what I do does not mean you have the skills, exposure and credibility for me to actually endorse what you do.

If you do not Message me, email me, Tweet me or chat with me via Facebook comments regularly, you are a relative stranger to me, and I do not endorse strangers because I have no idea if you can blog skillfully, from a credible, authority energy. Some fans have some blogging skills but I only endorse highly skilled, connected bloggers who put years and years of work into their craft. I only endorse bloggers who deeply impress me, who blog the right way, who are generous servants and who I resonate with.

Point blank; it takes a lot of time, energy, blood, sweat and tears to earn my endorsement. Most bloggers quit before earning my endorsement because dealing with your fears over years simply proves to be way too uncomfortable for most bloggers. But a few see the journey through, earn my trust and earn my endorsement too.

Give yourself to blogging for a long time to guarantee scoring a high volume of endorsements from pro bloggers.


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