Who Does Your Blog Cater To?

Who Does Your Blog Cater To? 2
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Blogging gives you what you give to blogging. You and I know this already. Blogging is a perfect reflection of your energy and time commitment. Give. Receive. But this actually delves down to a deeper level. How you blog determines who your blog caters to. This is deep stuff, guys. Blogging with a specific energy leads to a specific blogging presentation. From there, specific kinds of bloggers find your blog. Folks follow your content. Some may buy your stuff. Some may not buy your stuff. But at the end of the day, you decide who your blog caters to, by your energy, intent, and overall presentation. This requires deep thinking. This also requires seeing yourself and your blog in the light of truth.

Professional bloggers are truthful with themselves. Being any other way ensures struggle and failure because you need to know yourself in order to know your audience. Does this make sense? It should. Everybody reflects you back to you. Your blog reflects you back to you. This is a basic law of life. Everyone is a mirror. Everything is a mirror. Live this truth to figure out who your blog appeals to.

 I love visualizing my dream life before every blogging workday. Doing this ensures I be the blogger who blogs from paradise. I only intend to appeal to serious bloggers. My blog caters to serious bloggers. I never charge cheap prices. I only charge premium prices. I only intend to align with people who are serious enough to invest real money in blogging products and services. You have noticed this, right?

Observe my blog at Blogging from Paradise. Quite quickly, you see that I am a serious blogger who appeals only two fellow serious bloggers. I do not post anything on my blog other than content, products and services that appeal to committed, aspiring bloggers or high-level pro bloggers. You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy my blog but you better be serious about going pro if you intend to stick around my blog. This cyber real estate caters to people who do not make excuses, people who invest money in their education, and people who invest 100% to following their dreams. Sazzadul  is one such blogger. He follows virtually all of my content. He is 100% committed to being a successful blogger. This is one reason why I publish guest posts on his rocking blog. He is committed and I only connect with other committed bloggers.

 Who does your blog appeal to? Be honest as you visualize your ideal reader. If you want to go pro, and I know you probably do want to take this route, make sure your blog appeals to serious aspiring individuals. Publish only high quality content. Link to premium ads and services. Create eBooks and courses. Charge premium prices. Align with people abundant enough to invest freely in your products and services. This is the way to become a professional.

Visualize your dreams. See the image in your mind to allow the dream to come alive. This is another important step because being the person who lives in your vision guarantees that your blog caters to a prospering, serious reader who supports you and works with you to help you live your dreams. Of course, you help them with their dreams too. You and I want to engage in win-win scenarios only. Both parties must win for our blogs to be beneficial to ourselves and to our readers.

 Patiently observe your blog right now. Publish only helpful, valuable content solving your reader’s problems. Network with top professional bloggers in your niche. Convey a professional brand image through your blog. Invest money in a premium theme. Design your blog to be clean and clear. Use ample whitespace to add a sense of contrast to your blog. Be professional. Observe your advertisements. Do these ads completely convey your professional brand image? Keep aligned ads around and delete anything that does not fit your blog and brand image.  Going pro requires this level of clarity because getting clearer aligns you with more successful bloggers, moving you hire in blogging circles. Quite quickly too, when you get incredibly clear on emitting a professional blogging image.

 Visualizing your dreams allows you to think, feel and act like a professional now so you become a professional in the future. Perhaps a few people a day visit your blog currently. Maybe you have not made a penny through your blog yet. But visualizing yourself blogging from home, or blogging from an exotic place like Bali influences you to act like the blogger living in that image. Your vision is true. Your vision is real. Adding as many details as possible to the vision inspires you to be calm, confident and knowing that your dream is coming into form. Then you can get busy acting like the professional blogger who blogs with authority.

This is the benefit of having a crystal clear image in your mind. It is real. It  it is true. The image inspires you to be the knowing, confident blogger who does professional blogging things with a professional blogging energy right now, even if 5 people a day visit your blog. Guess what happens next? Doing pro blogging things right now with a confident energy guarantees that your blog traffic will slowly and steadily increase. Success will continue to expand for you. But only because you visualized and then acted on your vision with a confident, knowing energy that your dream is coming true.


Make sure your blog caters to serious readers. Pinpoint serious folks in your niche by emitting a professional blog and brand image. Doing this guarantees that success is on the way but you need to see your blog and yourself in the light of truth. Visualizing your dreams brings the truth to you in your mind. Catering to serious readers and bloggers rockets you higher in blogging circles, ensuring your success over the long-term.


 Do you need to think, feel and act like a professional blogger to go pro? Of course you need to do these things. But how? I explain how to create the mindset of a successful blogger through one of my Kindle reads. Buy my eBook here:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

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Ryan Biddulph

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