Blog to Thrive Not to Survive

Blog to Thrive Not to Survive 2
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Why do you blog? To thrive? Or to just survive?

 I always enjoy revisiting my vision for a life of island-hopping. I have been living this life over the past nine years of my human experience but I intend to continue traveling as things open up again internationally. I blog to thrive. I do this gig to help people and to free myself in the process. We all win.

Why do I blog this way? I got sick and tired of blogging to survive for quite a long time. Turns out, when you blog just to survive you do things from an energy that ensures you barely get by. Survival mode. Kick these fears out of your mind by feeling  these energies.  Begin visualizing living your dream life through blogging. How with this vision appear to you? Would you be blogging from tropical paradises like Fiji, Bali and Thailand, like I do? Find your own answer. People have a different dream so simply honor your vision and trust your intuition to picture your dream life.

 I visualize myself blogging on the beaches of Costa Rica. Smell the cool, salty breeze coming off of the ocean. Are you drinking a banana shake? Do you feel the steamy but relaxing climate? Step inside this mental picture. Feel the image as being real because it becomes real one step at a time, if you keep visualizing your dreams and feel them as coming true. From this calm, confident energy you begin being the blogger who blogs to thrive.

 Blogging to thrive is about blogging to free yourself, to free your readers and to have oodles of fun in the process.  Imagine having a fulfilling, freeing experience through your blog. Sometimes, blogging get tough. Expect to face scary fears. Feel these fears. Return to your vision regularly.

Ground yourself in your dreams. Picture your dream-vision behaving like an anchor. The anchor grounds you when blogging gets tough so you don’t run away and quit on a proven, successful blogging strategy.   Blogging to thrive gives you the energy to see the journey through. Why? You avoid all of the energy sapping stressing, straining, striving and forcing common to most bloggers who blog to survive. Let go those frames of mind, habits and destructive ways of blogging. Blog to thrive. Blog to serve people generously, to inspire people and to simply enjoy the journey. That is blogging to thrive. Enjoying the ride allows everything to fall into place organically.

 Surround yourself with people who blog to thrive. Observe how they behave. Do you notice how generous these people are? Follow their lead. Keep giving freely. Connect with successful bloggers by commenting genuinely on their blogs, by promoting these pros and by helping them in as many ways as possible without asking for anything in return. This is the secret to befriending top bloggers.

Top bloggers influence you to blog to thrive. Being surrounded by their generous, abundant, trusting blogging style inspires you to follow their lead. But you need to just hang out with these type of folks and to leave the survival mode bloggers behind. Let them go to grow. Let everybody figure it out on their own. Follow your dreams, follow the leaders and simply follow folks who blog to thrive in order to do the same, yourself.

Blogging to thrive requires a detachment from blogging outcomes. Get fully invested in the blogging process to enjoy what you’re doing so much that you give little thought to outcomes. Cultivate this trusting energy to blog from a confident space. This is key. Blogging to free yourself and to free your readers first involves freeing yourself from outcomes.

Face your fears regarding traffic and money stats. Simply be with these energies. Clear the fears. Return to your vision. I cannot stress this enough. Seeing your dreams in vivid detail gives you the energy to be the person in the dream right now. Even if you’re well away from being a professional blogger who circles the globe, seeing your dreams in your mind’s eye gives you the confidence, clarity and focus to blog to thrive. 

 Pay close attention to top bloggers. Virtually every single one paid their dues before success flowed to them and more than a few didn’t see much worldly success for quite a while before hitting it big. These pros blogged to thrive during their early days vs blogging to survive. Note how they did it. Falling in love with helping people and connecting with pro bloggers formed the foundation of their blogging campaign.

None of these folks obsessed over outcomes because each trusted in themselves and in the blogging process. Maintain this similar energy. Blog abundantly. Follow the leaders. Guaranteed, you will succeed online if you adopt the same mentality. Cultivate your energy to be calm, confident and generous in all you do. This is the secret to successful blogging if you are an aspiring blogger hungry to get going right now.

 But again guys, I cannot stress enough how important it is to feel that your vision is coming true in your mind’s eye. This is the difference maker. Few people dream constructively. But if you choose to visualize your dreams, you will quickly learn why visionaries mold the world you see today. Put yourself into your dream life right now. Then gets super busy helping people generously, absolutely enjoying the process of creating and connecting. Publish helpful content that inspires your readers to live their dreams. Solve their problems with podcasts. Broadcast live to influence them to succeed online.

 Network generously with top bloggers in your niche. Promote these folks on your blog. Promote top bloggers through social media. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Doing these things from a generous, trusting and detached energy positions you to live your dreams through blogging. This is how you blog to thrive.


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