Who Do You Blame for Your Blogging Problems?

Who Do You Blame for Your Blogging Problems? 2
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As a rule, I never blame anyone or anything or any entity for my blogging problems. Blaming people or things for my blogging problems enslaves me to those people or things. Imagine blaming Google for your traffic problems. Google changed their algorithm. After changing their algorithm, your blog traffic dropped big time. Why blame Google? You chose to depend solely on Google for traffic. Who chose to depend solely on Google for traffic? You. Who can diversify traffic streams going forward? You.

Stop blaming Google for your traffic woes because doing so gives your complete blogging power to Google. Google changes its algorithm. Your traffic falls. You believe that as long as Google keeps that algorithm active, you will suffer from low traffic numbers. Do you see how insane such a level of blaming and power-sacrificing is, if you deeply investigate your:

  • fears?
  • limiting beliefs?
  • willingness to blame people or things?
  • willingness to hand your infinite power to people or things?

Stop blaming people or things for your blogging problems. Take 100% responsibility for your blogging problems to seize the solutions to the problems. Correct the problems. Free yourself from the problems. Taste the sweet blogging freedom of worldly success, fun and fulfillment.

Every blogging problem is only fear in your mind. Face, feel and release the fear in your mind. The solution to the problem presents itself. Act on the solution. Solve the problem. Become more successful. Logically, this process sounds simple to follow. Emotionally, this process may feel uncomfortable to follow because no person enjoys facing, feeling and releasing their intimately personal fears. Picture blaming Google and its algorithm changes for your traffic and profits issues. Releasing Google to gain your power back involves facing, feeling and releasing fears that formerly scared you into relying solely on Google for your traffic and profits.

Feeling these fears does not feel comfortable. But clearing fears reveals a few clear, distinct solutions to your traffic and profits problems, like:

  • guest posting on respected blogs in your niche
  • reading and commenting genuinely on top blogs in your niche
  • podcasting
  • broadcasting live
  • promoting other bloggers on your blog and through social media

Engaging in each action above increases your traffic and profits but usually feels quite scary at first because doing new things feels uncomfortable. Guest posting triggers your fears of criticism and rejection. Commenting genuinely on blogs triggers your fear of wasting time. Promoting fellow bloggers on your blog and through social media triggers your fears concerning making friends, receiving help from fellow human beings and becoming successful. But facing, feeling and releasing these fears and engaging in each activity increases your traffic and profits slowly and steadily. Guess what happens after the next algorithm update Google publishes? Your traffic and profits keep increasing and you could care less about what the Big G does, being completely responsible for your blogging campaign, never blaming anyone or any thing for your blogging failure.

Stop blaming. Take your power back. Feel fears scaring you into blaming and handing your power over to people and things. Own your fears. Feel your fears. Take responsibility for your blogging campaign. Solve your problems by dissolving your problems; face your fears. Solutions reveal themselves. Act on the solutions. Be free. Feel peace of mind, serenity and happiness at both experiencing increasing blogging success and never feeling bound to people or things again.


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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Blame for Your Blogging Problems?”

  1. Hey Ryan sir,
    you said right! if we do not get good traffic from google then we have to apply some different strategy to increase our traffic
    Blaming is just time wast things, and we do not get anything from this.
    we just need to focus our blogging work. It’s my thought what you say about this

    Yogesh Sambare

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