Do You Make Blogging Friends or Enemies?

Do You Make Blogging Friends or Enemies? 2
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I learned a key skill over 12 years of being a pro blogger: make blogging friends. Blogging friends make your life easier and easier. Blogging buddies promote you around the clock, endorse you, buy your stuff, hire you and expand your blogging reach. On the flip side, not making blogging friends guarantees every person you reach out to online is a complete, utter stranger. Not a smart move. Strangers do not instill trust.

I deleted most emails a few moments ago without replying because strangers reached out to me for a variety of asks. I have time for friends because I trust friends. I do not have time for strangers because I do not trust strangers.

Even worse; some bloggers develop the insane habit of making blogging enemies. Bloggers fight bloggers. Bloggers fight readers. Bloggers develop idiotic rivalries. What happens? Blogging enemies you choose to make and to cling to make your blogging life utterly miserable. Picture yourself making enemies with some imagined rival. Perhaps some blogger published a negative review in response to one of your eBooks. Feeling annoyed, you visit their blog, read one post and publish a negative, insulting comment, based on the hurt-fear you felt after scanning their negative eBook review. Good job, dingbat! You just made a blogging enemy. Expect this scared, hurt blogger to continue the fight.

Blogging enemy #1 becomes blogging enemy #10 after their following sprouts 9 more of your intimate enemies, each feeling offended by the negative comment you published in response to their mentor’s blog post. Picture publishing your next blog post to the tune of 20 negative, angry comments published by your 10 blogging enemies. Imagine how many hours worth of precious energy and attention you WASTE foolishly by reading all enemy comments, replying with anger, rage and seething energies, and tossing combative volleys back and forth via your hateful, angry comment thread.

Stop being a complete moron. Stop making blogging enemies. Let people go. Let angry, scared people go on to figure out the root of their anger, hurt and fear. Release them. Making enemies is the height of blogging stupidity because wasting energy in fear-fighting saps you of love-serving energies, the latter accelerating your blogging success quite nicely over the long haul. Make oodles of blogging friends. Generously help bloggers. Expect nothing in return. Observe your friendships blossom. Watch how your blogging buddies help you around the blogging clock, increasing your blogging traffic and profits. Why do you think I publish guest posts at my current clip? I made a growing army of blogging friends by helping many bloggers, my blogging buddies invited me to guest post on their blogs and I accepted their invitations.

I do not engage in rocket science to make blogging friends. I simply read blog posts, comment genuinely on blog posts and ask for nothing in return, tweeting blog posts published by fellow bloggers. Appreciative bloggers who vibe with my writing simply befriend me for mutually beneficial friendships. Our collective success accelerates from there. Simple. Quite easy, too. What effort does it take to:

  • read a blog post?
  • comment genuinely in response to a blog post?
  • tap a retweet button?

Blogging gets easier if you make a ton of blogging buddies through your generosity. Blogging gets tougher if you make blogging enemies through your fear, anger and combativeness.

Make blogging easier.

Make blogging buddies.

Trade your animosity for generosity to greatly accelerate your blogging success.

Toss in a dash of peace of mind, too.

Being surrounded by loving friends sure feels better than being imprisoned by a collection of bitter enemies.


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