Are You Still Being a Flexible Blogger?

Are You Still Being a Flexible Blogger? 2
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I enjoy checking in from time to time to ensure you maintain your blogging flexibility.

Today offered me a change up. My wife asked if I wanted to take a ride through the country, after I woke up. I agreed. We drove around for 3 hours. My blogging work-day did not begin until 1 PM. What did I do? Did I panic? Nope. I am flexible. I simply changed things a bit to get my blogging work done. Letting go social media chatting and blog commenting gave me time and energy to write and publish guest posts. I also published a blog post consisting of a video I linked to, created earlier today.

Being flexible benefits me because my schedule, location and environment changes often. Circling the globe for 10 years taught me to be open to any situation. I cannot have things exactly how I want things blogging-wise because I change homes often. One person may have a beautiful home office. Someone else may have a bed. Another person may use a desk. I do not complain. I am open to whatever the universe brings me to seamlessly continue my blogging day.

Do you show the same level of flexibility? Or do you throw a tantrum if everything does not go your way? Or do you miss out on life’s freedoms because you fear leaving your blogging comfort zone? I spoke to someone who blogged and podcasted. He interviewed me for his podcast but we decided not to go live with the interview; poor audio quality. I lived in a remote area of Bali at the time. He noted this is why he tended to live in big cities; stable internet connection for his podcast. I noted how I preferred to be in more remote areas to have my freedom, choosing to prosper through passive income, not being attached to internet connections.

Imagine how much freedom you give up as a blogger because you fear leaving behind your seemingly perfect internet connection in your home office? I do not call that freedom. I call that being bound. Being flexible means leaving behind the 100% uptime internet connection to use solid, mostly up, slightly less reliable connections, around the globe. Life is freedom. Anything else is not freedom, or life. Be flexible. Be open to the world around you.

Change your blogging schedule to make room for doing fun, freeing things, outside of blogging, once in a while. Alter your blogging strategy to keep up with the times. I observed bloggers as recent as 6 years ago offering mail order books through an arcane process involving mailing checks, emailing back and forth; stuff I would have done in the 1980’s, save non-existent email, back then. The blogger should have been flexible, sold the book on Amazon and actually made money with the platform, being with the times.

Observe your blogging campaign. How can you be more flexible? How can you be more open? Does lengthening blog posts feel right, now? Or does shortening blog posts feel right, now? Go with your gut. Trust your intuition; it knows.

Buy my eBook for cutting your learning curve. Do what it takes to get comfortable with being flexible, open and successful. Blogging is not nearly as difficult as you think it is but most dive into blogging by winging it. Being flexible means opening your mind to listen to pros. Humble yourself. Pay close attention to bloggers who live their dreams. Observe bloggers who are where you want to be. Take notes. Invest in their premium offerings. Be flexible.

Being flexible, open and receptive to high level thinking forms the foundation for a rock solid blogging campaign.

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