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Nobody Pays You Per Post 2
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One weird question arises often.

Bloggers ask how many posts need be published before Adsense income. Or how many posts need be published before going pro. Bloggers wrongly correlate a content number and salary. As if someone pays you per post. But no one pays you per post. Blogging is a business. Let go employee mindset. Leave the salaried gig behind.

I sit roughly 20 minutes from the location of my 2nd full time job. I worked this job nearly 20 years ago. After working in sales, I handled basic clerical duties as a temp worker for a major US financial institution. I recall the experience. Go to work. Help people doing simple things. Get paid Thursday based on how many days I worked and how many hours I worked.

Someone paid me per hour because I was an employee. Someone agreed to pay me per hour before I signed a contract to work for someone else. Blogging is a business. No one pays you to post. No one pays you per post. Money flows in after you publish posts but only after a long period of generous, relaxed, detached, trusting blogging work.

Plus, no one pays you based on some fulfillment or requirement. People buy your stuff or hire you organically, based on free work you put in for a sustained amount of time. That’s how it goes. But moving from employee to entrepreneur as far as mindset is a quantum leap for most of us. Folks in your life generally work jobs to get paychecks. Perhaps a few feel some love for their gig. Most? Nope.

Now, if you closely observed your parents, friends and family working jobs to get checks, how do you think you will view blogging as a newbie? No doubt, most of you expect to get paid after writing and publishing a set amount of blog posts.

I see this question often. Bloggers wish to know how many blog posts they need to publish before making $1000 each month through Google Adsense. Why ask such a question if you know being an entrepreneur has nothing to do with getting paid based on a specific task performed within a set time frame? Bloggers usually think like employees, to their business peril.

No one pays me to write and publish this guest post. But writing and publishing this guest post increases my:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility
  • trust factor
  • reach

all positioning me to drive more blog traffic and to increase my blogging profits.

Building a blogging business is more like engaging in gateway activities. Note my wording above; I position myself to grow my blogging business by writing and publishing this guest post. But engaging in the simple act of writing and publishing this guest post does not clue in someone to send me a Paypal payment, or to transfer money electronically to my bank account.

Different gig, this blogging bit is, because blogging is about building a business foundation first. Then, as you build a rock solid foundation for your blogging business, money flows in through various income streams you establish. Blogging works that way. Work first. Lay the foundation for a thriving blogging business. Money flows to you over time.

Put in the time. Work. Pay your dues. Then, the financial reward flows to you slowly but steadily, based on your generous service and love for the blogging process.


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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Nobody Pays You Per Post”

  1. Hey Ryan!

    Really good takeaways especially for me since I have just started my blogging journey.

    I really enjoyed reading the article.


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