What Is the Biggest Downside to Not Networking?

What Is the Biggest Downside to Not Networking? 2
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I scanned my email a few moments ago.

A handful of people pitched me business opportunities. A few of the folks followed up once to see if I had read the prior email. I rarely read email. I set up my blog to be a passive income generator. I care less and less about emails save the pointed questions I receive from folks. Why? I care about engaging through blogging mainly, through guest posting and a little through social media.

Focus on the few folks who followed up on their initial pitch. Said crowd displays the biggest downside to NOT networking. Every blogger, broker or marketer like themselves relies heavily on their singular efforts to grow their businesses. Not networking means YOU need to be the business-builder, chasing people, pitching people, reaching out to people and trying to drum up business. Even worse? Strangers sit on the other side of the email. Strangers followed up with me. Of course, I blocked their follow up emails because following up on a cold email is spam. I block all spam. I save my time. I save your time. But good luck trying to build a business from the spam folder. Good luck trying to prosper through your singular, solo efforts. Good luck trying to convince strangers to do business with you.

The biggest downside to not networking is the need to grow your business by yourself as a complete, utter, lost stranger.

Why would I do business with strangers? Dear blogging friends I bonded with by serving – and by continuing to serve – grow my traffic and business around the clock, 24-7, 365. While the few strangers in my inbox reached out to stranger me with a blind pitch and follow up, my blogging buddies:

  • retweet my posts
  • share my posts on Facebook
  • publish my guest posts
  • publish my blog comments
  • buy my stuff

long term, permanently. I never pitched anyone any opportunity. Why? My blogging buddies grow my traffic and business around the clock. Why would I – being one person – try to grow my business by my efforts by reaching out to strangers when a large, loyal, blogging buddy network grows my business around the clock? Do you see the upside to networking? Being generous attracts an army of friends to you who grow your business around the clock. All you do is help people generously through content, by promoting bloggers and by commenting genuinely on blogs. From there, you can relax, enjoy life offline and generate passive income and profits as 1, 5, 10 then 50 friends promote you and endorse you to 50, then 10000, then 100000 plus human beings in their large, loyal friend networks.

Doesn’t it make sense to patiently build blogging friendships for the next 3-6 months versus trying to do everything by yourself as a stranger? Think of how much time the follow up emailers waste and energy squandered following up with a stranger who cares less about the fellow stranger. I blocked each email. Now each stranger flashes one more red flag through their email address. If enough strangers block their stranger emails, all pitcher blogger-broker-marketer emails go to spam. Horrible waste of time, pitching strangers is, eh?

Do the smart thing. Network generously. Spend time and energy helping fellow bloggers and ask for nothing in return. Put your needs to the side to earn the trust of fellow human beings. Relax. Building friendships takes time but spending time doing intelligent things beats wasting time doing unintelligent things. Every blogging friend you make accelerates your blogging success exponentially.


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