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Create and connect. Create and connect. Create and connect.

Everything in blogging is creating helpful content and building strong connections with readers and/or successful bloggers in your niche. Blogging is not terribly difficult to understand. Create helpful content. Build strong connections with people who enjoy your blog and with fellow bloggers in your niche. Of course, add income streams to profit. But bloggers look past these simple fundamentals toward something beyond. Bloggers believe success has to be more than publishing problem-solving content, building bonds with human beings, and opening multiple streams of income.

Nope; that’s it. Create. Connect. Lay the foundation for a successful blogging campaign. But bloggers who simply cannot believe blogging is simple creating and connecting make the common error of NOT creating and connecting. Bloggers try to do complex or asinine things to get rich quickly versus doing simple things generously to experience lasting, organic blogging success. Failure follows. Struggle follows. The moment you stop doing simple creating and connecting is the split second you step away from success and deeper into blogging failure.

Bloggers try desperately to write complex blog posts that quickly go viral. Failure follows. Even if the post goes viral the blogger experiences 15 minutes of fame, aka, short term success, before suffering through a long blogging drought. Wise bloggers do not try to take shortcuts because every shortcut leads to long failure. Smart bloggers create content solving reader problems and build strong connections with readers and with successful bloggers in their niche. Toss in monetizing; you are set from there.

But prepare yourself to blog for the long haul before going pro. Good things take time, generous effort, patience, persistence and a deep trust in self and in the blogging process. Publishing simple posts and helping fellow bloggers for years tests even the most patient, trusting bloggers in moments. Everyone needs to pass the generosity, patience, persistence and trust tests before going pro.

Most bloggers weed themselves out of the professional blogging pool by refusing to believe pro bloggers do simple things like creating problem-solving content and connecting with humans by helping them generously for a long time. Monetizing is necessary but not important. Please; re-read the prior line. Monetizing is necessary because one makes money blogging by opening income streams. But monetizing is not important because creating and connecting generously for years builds trust which boosts your profits through virtually any aligned income channel you open. Whether publishing ads, writing and selling eBooks or creating online courses, people who trust you and your content through your generous creating and connecting click your ads, buy your eBooks and buy your courses.

Generosity does the selling. The income stream itself plays a small role in making money through blogging because people buy, hire or click based on trusting the blogger who runs the blog, not based solely on the income stream itself. Humans trust fellow human beings, buy or hire or click based on the trust, and the blogger prospers. The income stream itself is no big deal but the 1000’s of creating and connecting hours are critical to your blogging success. People buy in – literally and figuratively – based on your creating and connecting for a sustained period of time.

Create. Connect. Believe it or not, this is what blogging is all about. Successful bloggers do simple things like creating and connecting for a long time. Do not deviate from creating and connecting. Struggles follow. Do not try to do complex things to cut your success curve or to get rich overnight. Struggles follow. Stick to simple creating and connecting.


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