What Blogging Relationships Do You Need to Let Go Now?

What Blogging Relationships Do You Need to Let Go Now? 2
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Blogging is constant evolution.

Either you grow or die.

Think of growth. What helped to bring you to the current stage of blogging evolution? What decisions did you make? I let go old, worn out bonds. Some of my former blogging buddies are cool folks but fear emanated from the relationships. I recall one former client who refused to pay me even though I screen shared both Messenger and Paypal, time-stamping each image. He is a nice person. But I let him go because I intended to let fear go. Fear holds you and your blogging campaign back. Big-time. Fear infesting blogging bonds – or blogging bonds grown through fear – make for energetic anchors.

Let go these energetic anchors. Release guilt. I resisted ceasing contact with the former client because I felt different fears. Guilt, shame, the fear of rejection, the fear of criticism and the fear of loss all invaded my being. But if I continued to cling to the bond, fear would have been my motivator. What happens when fear motivates you anytime in life? Rough results follow. Unhappiness follows. If you act based on being afraid you act from fear and people with fear-filled minds cannot see reality. But facing, feeling and releasing fear and fear-borne bonds feels highly uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is no picnic. I did not enjoy feeling the discomfort of stepping into the fears of criticism, rejection and loss. But I had to do so because unless you step into fear, and feel it, you never grow as a blogger.

Face, feel and release fear to release blogging relationships holding you back. Clinging to fear-bonds literally prevents your growth because your actions designed to preserve such bonds keep you from growing. For example, most bloggers spend minutes or even hours writing emails to non-paying clients who happened to be blogging buddies for a bit. Convincing, coercing, manipulating, or trying to heal a bond already broken from fear seems to consume a massive chunk of time. But while you wasted one hour writing a nice but firm email demanding payment, other bloggers who let go fear-bonds wrote and placed 2 guest posts.

Who gets ahead? Bloggers who publish 2 guest posts in an hour get ahead versus bloggers who remain bound by writing a plea for payment email for the same hour. Clinging to blogging bonds long outgrown scares you into doing what you wish not to do. Wasting precious hours attempting to preserve a past long gone robs you of the present growth you can experience by being truly helpful. Exit the blogging friendships collections department. Release outgrown bonds to enter into new stages of blogging growth. Be at peace with releasing bonds to make room for new, prospering bonds.

Give yourself the gift of release. Letting go bonds makes room for new, prospering blogging friendships. Plus letting go bonds frees your time and energy for creating genuinely helpful content. Being truly helpful lays the foundation for successful blogging campaigns. Versus airing poor friendship grievances for a half hour this morning I wrote this guest post to be truly helpful for Sazzadul and you rocking readers. Being helpful helps all of us in the short run and long run. This is a mutually beneficial partnership for all. However, I never could be helpful if acting from hurtfulness, solely because I tried to cling to a blogging relationship long outgrown.

Let go to grow. Release blogging bonds you just know have to go in order to engage in freeing, exciting, new stages of blogging growth. Releasing the blogging past makes room for a bright, prospering blogging present.

Let go!

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