How Can You Increase Your Blogging Creativity?

How Can You Increase Your Blogging Creativity? 2
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I opened Blog CD, checked out an old blog post on Blogging From Paradise and began writing this guest post.

Why? Why not!? I am a blogger. Bloggers help readers by being of genuine service to individuals.

I intend to help you. But I also want to increase my blogging creativity through the simple act of…..creating. Blogging is not as tough as people say but the journey feels uncomfortable at times. For example, opening this backoffice, grabbing a blog post title from an old post of mine and writing a guest post nudges me outside of my comfort zone. Blogging begins the moment you leave comfort. At least, GENUINE blogging success begins to unfold well outside of your comfort zone. Egging myself on to be creative is uncomfortable. The ego wishes me to skip writing this guest post. But my intuition knows; writing content makes me creative.

How do you intend to be creative today? How did you increase your creativity? How can you be more creative? Ponder ways to help people freely. Give yourself time to think through creative channels. Being creative may simply mean reading a blog post, gathering your thoughts and publishing an in-depth comment in response to the post through your written word. But digging into each simple concept proves to be uncomfortable for you and I because being creative goads you to let go fears fueling a former lack of creativity. No blogger enjoys feeling these fears. Each roots itself in worthiness or deserving issues. Edge through each fear you must if you intend to be creative, or outright prolific.

How can you increase your blogging creativity now? What can you do? For starters, I created and uploaded a few videos today. I also published a podcast. I intend to write a blog post in a few moments, too, for Blogging From Paradise. Consider these ideas. Explore each method for being creative. Pick one. Get busy creating content for others. We all have access to creative ways and means. I shared a few ways to create, through the prior few sentences. Now it’s time to begin creating content genuinely to be of service to readers first and foremost but to also increase your creativity.

All ideas possess a shelf life. Grab and use ideas or else ideas die. I snagged this guest post idea, wrote the post and published the post before the idea died in my mind. Being creative goads you to seize and use ideas now before the ideas vanish from your mind. Bloggers talk of losing creative momentum but no one genuinely loses anything in a universe of abundance. But if you delay on seizing and executing ideas pronto you can and will struggle to be a creative blogger. All depends on your willingness to be open to ideas, then to act on these ideas immediately.

Does jamming this idea into a blog post feel particularly easy, in the moment? Nope. I feel a bit behind schedule after hiking in a park earlier today. But create I must, even if it feels a little bit uncomfortable……because the more I create, the more creative I become. The formula feels simple but tough to execute sometimes. But this is the life of a professional blogger. Either create to become more creative or move in the opposite direction to become less creative. Everything depends on you and your intimately personal choices. All occurs when you delve within to root out fears appearing to lessen your creativity.


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Ryan Biddulph shares smart blogging tips at Blogging From Paradise.

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