How to Dedicate More Time to Blogging

How to Dedicate More Time to Blogging 2
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Build your day around blogging. Simple solution. Uncomfortable solution. Tough solution. But freeing solution.

Being 100% dedicated to blogging forced me to change my habits. I changed some relationships with folks, too, releasing bonds I had long outgrown, to make way for more blogging work and for greater success, happiness and fulfillment in all I did.

Does this feel scary? Sometimes, yeah. But making scary decisions is the key to living your dreams. Nobody lives their dreams through blogging if they make comfortable, confining decisions. But people who live their dreams do scary, freeing and fun things regularly, like, building their day around blogging. Folks wait to set New Year’s Resolutions. Why? Why wait 30, 60 or 300 days to dedicate more time to blogging when you should do so now, this moment? All it takes is a firm, definite decision to live your dreams through blogging. From that point going forward, everything will be more fun and freeing, although you need to make some scary decisions too.

Dedicate Less Time to What Does Not Matter

Scan the average day of someone who says they should dedicate more time to blogging and you find 4-6 hours of activities that do not really matter, that should be put on the back burner, that should be trashed. These folks simply value comfort and Hulu and Netflix and following the news and following politics and gossiping more than they value blogging, freedom and fun. See what you dedicate time to daily, and I can tell you, what you value. Perfect system, for we always make time for what we value.

But to change your life, you need to change your values. Changing values instantly opens up 3, 4 or 6 hours for blogging daily, like magic, if you work a full time job. If you blog full time, changing what you value instantly opens up 8 to 10 to 12 hours for blogging daily, quickly and easily. As your values shift, your dedication shifts, immediately. But you and you alone need to make the value shift in order to put everything else into motion.

Making a value shift feels highly unpleasant. Imagine if you spent the past 20 years of your life feeling comfortable by sitting down to the news and a cold beer after dinner, and after a long, 10 hour day, at work? Now you need to value freedom and fun over comfort, meaning, your ego will fight you tooth and claw, when you try sitting down to blog for 4 hours after dinner, versus the comfort zone beer and news bit. Welcome to being a powerful person. Welcome to being free from the herd. Welcome to living your dreams.

I can be your biggest cheerleader but need to be straight and honest with you, even if doing so stings a little bit. No one becomes successful by not being dedicated, and no one who lacks dedication possesses an honest, genuine excuse for their lack of dedication. You ALWAYS make time for what you value. Always. Forever and ever, your day unfolds according to what you value. If you claim you have no time to blog, you lie. You have 24 hours today, like every human being. You just value blogging and freedom little, and value other stuff more, creating your current life. 100% of the time, blogging is on you, and you will always blog persistently if you value blogging and freedom, genuinely.

Make fun, freedom and fulfillment #1 in your life. Making time for blogging becomes easier if you make time for yourself to fully understand what feels the most liberating to you.


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