1 Concept that Changes Your Blog Forever

1 Concept that Changes Your Blog Forever 2
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I turned my biggest blogging fault into my greatest blogging success.


I honored one core concept that changed my blog forever. Simply put, I decided to give virtually all of my attention and energy to people who loved what I did and I gave virtually no attention and energy to people who did not love what I did. I also stopped writing for blogs whose audiences did not resonate with my work. Some blogs boasted millions of Facebook Fans. OK; one blog did, at least 🙂 But I stopped writing for them and focused solely on readers who loved my work, from friends, to fans, to all folks in between, because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Give Love to People Who Love You and Your Blog

Knowing this, give all of your love to people who love what you do to experience steady traffic and profits increases. People love your content. Keep going back to these folks. Fans drive traffic to your blog, buy your stuff and hire you. Doesn’t this sound simple? Sure it is simple. But fear persuades most bloggers to panic, desperately hustling for new readers, more traffic and bigger profits. I was this lost blogging soul for a bit. I tried to keep meeting tons of new people but ignored fans who readily promoted me, endorsed me, bought my stuff and drove traffic to my blog. Naturally, I struggled some because I gave most energy to unknowns when I needed to give energy to people who loved my blog, talents, products and services.

Business Grows

Giving attention and energy almost solely to loving fans allows traffic and profits to grow because all day long, serving people who want your offerings ensures traffic and profits grow. Be patient. Good things require generous service, patience and persistence. In the long run, every empire grows out of devoting yourself to loving fans who support you, who expand your reach and who energize you.

How it Works

One loving fan buys your eBook (blogging profits), endorses the eBook (increases exposure and blogging profits), promotes you through their social media (grows everything) and invites you to guest post on their blog (grows everything). Of course, some like-minded readers of theirs visit your blog (grows traffic and profits) and buy your stuff (increases profits).

Broader Influence

But these folks expand your reach even farther, into wider blogging circles. Do you see how lasting success meets bloggers who give virtually ALL attention and energy to friends, loving fans and loyal communities? Give your energy to love by showing love – aka serving – to these folks, and these folks show you love in the form of good vibes, traffic and money. This is how to become a professional blogger. But patience need be shown, to see the journey through.

Be Patient

Do not become impatient and desperately spend 80% of your day trying to reach new audiences, largely ignoring your loyal fans. Stop giving 80% of your love to unknowns, to folks who may or may not love your blog. Give 95% of your love to people who love what you do, to grow a full time blogging business. Be patient. Even loving, loyal tribes require months to years of seasoning and organic growth before prospering you to the full time level. Good things take time and generous effort. Do you plan to be around, 3 years from now? Yes? Then blog the right way to become a successful, professional blogger.

Like I advise in my online business eBook, you can have all of the fun and freedom you want, if you patiently build your blog the right way. Just do it. Go back to where you are loved again and again. Loyal fans gratefully grow your traffic, profits and blogging business for you, leveraging your presence through their gratitude, generosity and love. 

Keep going back to where you are loved.

Prosper online.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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