Slow and Steady Wins the Blogging Race

Slow and Steady Wins the Blogging Race 2
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Blogging is a marathon. Blogging is never a sprint. Understanding this basic truth gives you proper energy for the long haul blogging journey. I stabilize my energy on a daily basis. Going farther influences me to blog more slowly, deliberately and mindfully. In some ways, I feel like I am just getting started because I blog more mindfully, patiently and persistently, every single day. Blogging mindfully reveals that slow and steady wins the blogging race. Never sprint. Sprinters burn out fast. Never push yourself to do what you are not prepared to do. New bloggers cannot will themselves to write viral posts. Nor can new bloggers appear on world famous media publications. Who has that type of clout as a new blogger? No one!

Short cuts do not exist. Overnight success is impossible. No one hacked blogging, ever. Being realistic, releasing expectations and focusing on the process gives you the proper perspective as a new blogger.

Adopting a slow and steady mentality makes blogging easier. Doing uncomfortable things challenges you. Few bloggers enjoy facing, feeling and releasing fear. But the only way to succeed online is to clear fear. Clearing fear puts you in the slow and steady frame of mind necessary to go pro. As for slow and steady, what does this mindset mean? All blogging progress is slow. Listen to any pro blogger. Pros alert you to how creating and connecting for a long time leads to slow growth. Perhaps you write and publish one blog posts daily for 4 weeks. 5 people visit your blog on day 1, 2 people visit your blog on day 2 and 10 people visit your blog on day 3. At month’s end, 204 people visit your blog.

Profits flow in slowly too. After publishing daily and opening 2 income streams, 0 profits find you after one month. This seems to be par for the blogging course. I heard that a current day 7 figure blogger made a few hundred bucks during year one of his blogging career, publishing 1 or more blog posts daily. Such is the blogging journey. Slow, steady growth leads to increasing blogging returns. Steady growth means accumulating blogging success. 204 blog visitors during month #1 of your blogging career adds up to 550 visitors after month #2. By month #12, perhaps 5,050 people visit your blog. God job! Steady, cumulative blogging gains make for building a rock solid blogging foundation. Blogging gets easier if you slowly, steadily build your success, the right way.

Seeking fast, dramatic blogging success leads to failure 100% of the time. Peep the reason; every skill, all exposure and any credibility you gain is 100% dependent on you practicing blogging for 1000’s of hours. Practicing blogging for 1000’s of hours consumes years of your life. But if you want to succeed this is the route you take for experiencing lasting, ever-increasing blogging success. Think long term. Forget about short, temporary success or the inevitable wild fluctuations all amateur bloggers experience. Long term success increasing exponentially in nature means keeping things simple and embracing slow, steady success for a sustained period of time.

Do you exhibit generosity, patience and persistence as an amateur blogger? You better embody these qualities if you want to become a pro blogger who enjoys the freedoms this life offers you. Keep it simple. Appreciate slow, steady blogging success. This is the ride you take to become a seasoned, pro blogger who builds your business the right way.


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