Do You Actually Learn from Your Blogging Mistakes?

Do You Actually Learn from Your Blogging Mistakes? 2
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I just bought my domain for the year. My renewal is not up technically until late July. I had until late July to renew my Blogging From Paradise domain name. But I bought it through July 22, 2022, today, on January 13th, 2021. Why? I felt an intuitive nudge to renew the domain today because I learned from past blogging errors.

I also renewed my wife’s domain name. She experienced an unfortunate experience last year. I shared in the experience. Basically, she totally forgot her domain name expired in March. I totally forgot her domain name expired in March. Both people forgetting the domain name expired in March led to a confusing situation when her blog appeared as if it had been hacked after the domain expired. She became stressed. I felt calm, cool and collected, got to the root of the issue, purchased her renewal and we solved the error fast. BUT I actually learned from our blogging mistake to never make the same mistake again.

Years prior – at least twice – I totally forgot to renew my domain name. Seeing my blog offline in late July alerted me to my errors. I finally learned my lesson last year and put my lesson into action this year by purchasing our collective renewals 2 and 6 months before our domain expiration dates. What about selecting the automatic renewal option? I do not prefer that method for a few reasons. First off, since I only own domains through the host and pay for no hosting service, certain features behave in odd, wonkish fashion. I do not trust the algorithm to auto renew our domains for us. I also changed payment methods here and there since 2008; I told you I have been blogging for a long time! I need to log in and change payment methods from time to time anyway, so I may as well take the manual renewal option.

What blogging lessons did you learn recently? Or do you resist learning blogging lessons? Do you stick your blogging head in the sand to avoid learning blogging lessons? Like it or not, refusing to learn lessons influences you to repeat the same blogging lessons again and again. Imagine me waiting until March or July to renew our domain names, only being so busy during each month that I forget to manually renew the domain names? Again, my wife would have become upset and I would have stressed out the moment I saw my blog offline, some time in late July.

As my blogging exposure increases – and ditto for my wife – someone could swoop in, buy our domain names and jack up the price for a small ransom, if I forgot to renew our domain names for hours or days. Hey; that would be on me if I did not learn my blogging lesson. Since I did learn my blogging lesson, my wife and I are covered through 2022. Next year, months before, we will both likely renew our domains for 2, 5 or 9 years. Either way, we own each for a while.

Learn from your blogging mistakes. Or suffer the consequences of NOT learning from your blogging mistakes. Everything is on you. All error-results are the fruit of you refusing to learn from errors you made in the past. Open your mind. Open your heart. Learn from errors. Correct mistakes. Walk a smooth, calm, prospering blogging journey by learning from blogging boo boo’s you made in the past. Make your blogging life easier, not harder.


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