Do You Find Time to Blog or Make Time to Blog?

Do You Find Time to Blog or Make Time to Blog? 2
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Do you find time to blog, as if you lost the time? Or do you make time to blog? Everything depends on your decision to use time. Or all depends on what you value. People make time for activities people value. Do you value fun, freedom and fulfillment? Yes? Then you will do things promoting your fun, freedom and fulfillment. But if you value comfort, familiarity and being held captive by your fears, you will never find time to blog because you make time for what you value. Valuing comfort means making comfortable choices. Making comfortable choices puts freedom and discomfort on the back burner. Backburnering freedom makes your life miserable.

Making time to blog is quite different than finding time to blog. Making time to blog is a personal decision dripping with clarity and conviction. Simply be all in to make the decision to blog no matter what. I just jogged and walked about 12 miles in freezing temperatures. I committed 100% to seeing the journey through. Of course I felt uncomfortable during the 2 hour exercise session. But I chose to be all in. I focused on the freeing, health-promoting nature of exercising versus the fear-discomfort of jogging and walking for 2 hours in cold weather. But making this decision meant committing to the exercise session. Committing to exercise, yoga and meditating for years – spanning 1000’s of hours – helped me build my mind and body to strong enough levels for exercising at this level.

Similarly, blogging is a journey of commitment. One commits only for freedom. One never commits out of fear. Fear scares you into breaking your commitment. I blog now because I love freedom. I do not blog now because I fear some outcome manifesting. I have written and published a high volume of blog posts and guest posts spanning years because I love the freedom and fun life blogging affords me. Do I ever need to find time to blog? Nope. I make time to blog because I build much of my online day around blogging. Doing that required a firm, definite decision on my part to seek freedom over fear, to choose fulfillment over comfort and to select service over self service. All changes depend on your inner world. Shifting your inner world is a matter of setting a clear intent to live for freedom, more than any other emotion.

Finding time to blog proves you do not value blogging. Some bloggers find or do not find time to blog because blogging feels like an after thought. Blogging feels like something casual, a hobby, something you may or may not do, depending on your busy schedule, whims, and flat out, if you feel like it. No aspiring pro goes pro embodying this lazy, ridiculous attitude because blogging demands a full time commitment from you to turn blogging into a full time career. Blogging gives you what you give blogging.

Do you value comfort in the form of a steady paycheck? Valuing such a life means devoting much of your life to working a full time job. But valuing fun, freedom and expansion quickly dictates how you spend your off hours. Versus spending time off of your 9-5 job dawdling around for hours, you blog for 2-4 hours on week days and blog for 4 or more hours on weekends. Eventually, you become a full time, pro blogger and quit your 9-5 job because you earn a full time income through blogging. Valuing fun, freedom and expansion influenced you to make sometimes uncomfortable, scary decisions for years until you live a life of fun, freedom and expansion through your full time blogging career.

One who values freedom above all else never needs to find time to blog; such bloggers make time to blog because being free means that much to the individual.


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