Do You Let Go to Grow?

Do You Let Go to Grow? 2
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Blogging is largely a lesson in letting go.

Before growing you need to let go old, worn out thoughts, feelings and actions. All growth occurs on the other side of release. Everyone grows by letting go what holds them back. Old thoughts, feelings and actions are anchors.

10 years ago, I published posts infrequently. I also went through prolific stretches of going bonkers. 60 posts daily. But I had to let go these inconsistent, fear-based strategies to grow into the blogger I am today. Let go. Grow. Letting go scared me.

Pulling back felt uncomfortable. Would people follow my blog if I published, say, once daily? Gasp. I sat with the uncomfortable emotions. I stuck to my sound, proven, new approach. Success expanded for me. Only because I let go, did I grow. Growth accelerates in an environment of release. I slowed down, calmed down and realized I blogged mainly from energies of fear to publish so many posts daily.

Kitty Release

I feel good but one part of me feels sad now. Me and my wife placed our 3 cats in loving homes. We move in a few weeks. Full time digital nomads, meaning, I cannot take the pets with me. I fear letting go the cats but know to grow I need to let go the kitties.

No way could I live my full time traveling lifestyle trying to bring the cats to each location. Letting go feels good because I feel happy to circle the globe again. With the joy and peace of release comes some mild suffering related to releasing our cats.

Blogging release feels similar. Let go old strategies to make room for new strategies. Expect to fear the release a little bit. Or a lot. I routinely let go old techniques to make room for new techniques because no one takes on new tactics by clinging on to old tactics; not enough room in your mind.

For example; I began guest posting 5 or more times daily after I stopped commenting genuinely on blogs for minutes or hours daily. Let go outgrown blogging tactics even if doing so feels unpleasant. I feared surrendering my blog commenting campaign. For years, I clung to these tactics.

I saw myself being a blog commenting mentor. How would I rebrand myself? How would I move into a different talent especial? How would people perceive me?

I did not feel comfortable with the move. Resisting the move from blog commenting to guest posting delayed greater blogging success for me. I had to let go but feared changing my identity. Eventually, enough struggle opened my eyes. I began guest posting. Things changed. I felt better. Success expanded. Letting go preceded the growing. Everything began in mind.

I faced fears fueling my attachment to old, worn out strategies. I felt and released these fears. I moved into new, fun, freeing activities. Logically, the process sounds simple. It is. Emotionally, the process feels uncomfortable. Such is growth. Everything takes off by renewing your mind.

Refresh yourself mentally. Revisit your blogging vision. See your dream in vivid detail. Be the blogger who lives your dreams, seeing your vision, feeling the mental picture into reality. Release naturally follows because no one lives their dreams by holding onto an old frame of mind.

I release regularly. Change is the only constant. Honor this truth. From time to time, assess what needs to go in order to grow.


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